The Mira Costa Surf Team is the South Bay’s finest high school surf program, consistently dominating the Bay League.  The team consists of approximately forty-five dedicated student athletes who train year round.

The official surf season runs from September through March, but during the school year, the team surfs every Monday through Thursday at 6:30 am at 26th Street in Manhattan Beach, and twice a week have after school strength and agility training.  Most competitions are held weekdays between 6:30 and 8:30 am at beaches from Torrance to El Porto.

The team is coed.  Girls and boys compete in separate divisions but practice together.  Divisions include Shortboard and Longboard and tryouts are held prior to the season starting in October.  The team is highly competitive and participates in the National Championships each year in June.

Costa Surf team dominates early in the season!

MCHS Surf continues to dominate and is currently 3-0 in head to head competition.  They had an excellent team effort vs PV in December, with a final score of 88-59.   Costa Surf continues to consistently dominate due to the depth of the team.  They are looking forward to the upcoming…
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