Pennekamp School

The goal of this program is to provide Pennekamp students the opportunity to supplement and enrich their current educational experiences in a familiar and safe environment. All classes are held on the Pennekamp campus and are designed for children in grades K-5

Enrollment Information

View Class Descriptions for details about classes.

TK/Kinder Only Classes: Take a look at special classes on Monday and Thursday that meet right after TK/Kinder dismissal. Children will be picked up from their classrooms for a snack and then escorted to their enrichment class.

TK/Kinder students are also invited to enroll in 3pm classes on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. However, supervision is not provided until 2:15 unless students are enrolled in the earlier 1:45/1:35 classes, on Monday and Thursday. Students at EDP will be picked up by MBX staff. Students enrolled in Wednesday 1:50 classes will be picked up at their classrooms and escorted to their enrichment class.

Cross District Enrollment: Interested in a class that is only offered at another school? No problem! On Tuesday, September 11, you can enroll in classes at other sites. To register for classes at a site other than Pennekamp: during registration, filter your search by the location of the school where the class is offered.  While transportation is not provided, you might consider a local, parent-owned service called Ziip.  Click here for more information.

Deadline to enroll: Monday, September 17, midnight. Classes will be confirmed or canceled based on enrollment at that time. Classes canceled due to insufficient enrollment will not be reopened.

Enrollment after September 17: Student will be added to a class beginning the second week, if space permits, at the full session fee.

General Information

Registration Information

  • Returning students: Be sure to update your grade, teacher, room number, EDP status and other important information during registration.
  • If you signed up for PACE classes last year or last session, use the same login account you created previously.
  • If you are new to PACE then you will need to create a new account in the name of an adult family member, then add a child to your account during the registration process.


Tamara Mentges, On-site Coordinator, at (310) 503-6410 or [email protected] for questions.

Fall Classes

  • Begin September 24 for a 10-week session

Session Fees

  • $230 – 10 weeks

Note: Select classes have different fees. See registration listing.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

  • Last day to drop a class and receive full refund without the $25 fee: September 17
  • Classes dropped September 18 – 28 receive full refund less $25 fee. Exceptions are classes where the student minimum is affected by the cancellation. In this case, the site coordinator will contact you.
  • No refunds after: September 28

Pick Up

Outdoor cafeteria tables for all classes.

On time pick up is strictly enforced and there will be a $1/minute late fee charged.

Additional Program and Class Information

School Dismissal Procedures

  • TK/Kindergarteners enrolled in 3:00 classes can be brought to Snacktivity outside the cafeteria any time after 2:15.
  • 1st grade students will be picked up from their classroom and escorted to Snacktivity at the cafeteria tables by PACE staff the first week of the session only. After the first week 1st grade students walk themselves to Snacktivity.
  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students walk to Snacktivity outside the cafeteria on their own during the entire session.

EDP Students

  • TK/Kindergarteners will be picked up and returned to EDP by PACE staff at the end of their enrichment class.
  • 1st and 2nd grade students will be escorted to EDP at the end of their enrichment class by PACE staff.
  • 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students return to EDP on their own at the end of their enrichment class after checking out with PACE staff.

Class Confirmation Information

Emailed to parents prior to the start of the session by the on-site coordinator. Classes are filled on a first come basis and may be canceled/adjusted if necessary due to insufficient enrollment.


Please check weekly Dragon Flash or this website.

Student Code of Conduct

A safe and positive learning environment will be maintained on campus at all times. All rules and regulations observed during the school day will be upheld throughout the enrichment classes. Students are expected to respect the personal rights of their peers and to abide by the expectations of instructors and MBX Foundation staff. In the event of misconduct, the parent will be notified. If the unacceptable behavior is repeated, the child will be removed from the remaining classes. The MBX Foundation thanks students and parents for respecting the Code of Conduct and for contributing to an enjoyable and enriching experience for all children.

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