Summer School


SUMMER SCHOOL 2020 – STARTS MONDAY, June 15 – Thursday, July 23, 2020 – 8am to 1:30pm

Semester 1: Monday, June 15 – Thursday, July 2

Monday to Thursday, June 15 – 18

Monday to Thursday, June 22 – 25

Monday to Thursday, June 29 – July 2

Semester 2: Monday, July 6 – Thursday, July 23

Monday to Thursday, July 6 – 91

Monday to Thursday, July 13 – 16

Monday to Thursday, July 20 – 23

Academic courses are from 8am to 1:30 pm.
Athletics/activities are before or after school or in the evenings, Monday – Friday.

Classes are held at Mira Costa High School. See below for special instructions for Online Health.

Semester 1 and Year-long Classroom and Teacher assignments will be posted on the north windows of the Math Science Building on the afternoon of Friday, June 12. Second semester will be posted the afternoon of Thursday, July 2.


Registration for 2020 classes open at 9am:

  • Seniors and Juniors on Tuesday, February 4
  • Sophomores and Freshmen on Thursday, February 6
  • Cyber High and Athletic Classes on Tuesday, March 3

Registration closes:

  • Friday, June 12 at 3pm for first semester and two semester classes
  • Friday, July 3 at 3pm for secondsemester classes

Tuition – 2020

  • Each one semester course: $300
  • Each two semester courses: $600
  • Each activity class: $250
    Alternating activity classes: $300
    The summer school alternating activity class price is for freshmen taking 2 of the following activities; football, baseball, or soccer, which occur at the same time. Students attend the activities on alternate days, and work out the schedule with the individual coaches.
  • There are additional green fees for golf PE.
  • Biology and Chemistry lab fee $50
  • Change course fee per change: $25
  • Lost Textbooks: Price of the textbook

Class Confirmations

MB/X Summer School is committed to accommodating all students wishing to take a class.

If a course or preferred semester is full, you may choose to Wait List. For 2 semester courses, we will open additional slots as teachers are secured. For 1 semester courses, if the first session is full, students may be offered space in second semester.

Courses will be confirmed by May 15th. Courses not meeting minimum enrollment may be cancelled.

Health/Online Health

All students wishing to take Health will be accommodated in either 1st or 2nd semester. You may Wait List if your preferred session is not available. To receive course credit, students may not have more than 1 absence per semester.

Enrollment in On-Line Health is limited, with upper classmen given priority.

ONLINE HEALTH STUDENTS MUST PHYSICALLY MEET ON CAMPUS THE FIRST AND LAST DAY OF EACH SEMESTER. Students must log in each 24-hour period. Final may not be taken early.

Session 1: First meeting Monday, June 15 – 8am until 10am or 1:45pm until 3:45pm – Final – Thursday, July 2 – final begins at 8am until 10am or 1:45pm until 3:45pm. Location is in the Small Theater (MPR).

Session 2: First meeting Monday, July 6 – 8am until 10am or 1:45pm until 3:45pm – Final – Thursday, July 23 – final begins at 8am until 10am or 1:45pm until 3:45pm. Location is in the Small Theater (MPR).

Terms of Service and Refund Policy

MBX is committed to offering all students summer course options for both remediation and initial credit in a rigorous and student-centered environment. Registration is complete when an account is created, a course is requested, registration is confirmed, and tuition is paid in full. Tuition must be paid in full by June 1, 2020 or enrollment will be cancelled.

Full refunds of tuition and fees are granted if a course is canceled by MBX or if a withdrawal is requested prior to June 1, 2020. Partial Refunds (60%) are granted if the course, including a review (remedial) class, is dropped by the student before the first day of class. This requires WRITTEN notification of the intent to drop/withdraw signed by the parent and received no later than noon on the first day of class. No refunds of either tuition or fees will be issued after the first day of class. Please note that if a student withdraws from a Flex class of 2 or more students. The remaining students will be responsible for the higher tuition if the partner is not replaced. For CHIP and athletic classes, the refund is issued less a $25 fee.

As a private entity and non-profit organization, we are not bound to public education practices. MBX summer school classes are not required for Mira Costa graduation or matriculation. We strive to offer equity and access for all students to courses that will support secondary planning goals. Classes are held at Mira Costa High School. However, our policies and expectations are separate and distinct from the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. Questions or concerns should be directed to our administrative team.

Student Code of Conduct

A safe and positive learning environment will be maintained on campus at all times. Students are expected to respect the personal rights of their peers and to abide by the expectation of MBX instructors, administrators and staff. Students are expected to practice integrity. Cheating or dishonesty will not be tolerated.

No alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs are allowed on campus. In the event of misconduct for the following offenses, students will be withdrawn and expelled from the MBX summer program and tuition will not be refunded:

1- Possession of any illegal substance by a minor

2- Sale of any illegal substance to or by a minor

3- Use of illegal products for minors on campus

4- Distribution of illegal products to or by minors on campus

Additionally, students found guilty of the above will be subject to citing by the Manhattan Beach Police Department School Resource Officer.

Violating the student code of conduct in our condensed and accelerated setting will not be allowed in our program and calls for explicit student understanding of choice and consequence.  The student signed acknowledgement will serve as second notification of MBX policies as outlined in registration waivers.

Classroom Teacher Progressive Discipline

In an effort to provide a safe learning environment with consistent and fair practices in our abbreviated schedule we have developed the following practice for students with behavior concerns:

  1. Warning to student
  2. Student -Teacher conference with parent follow up
  3. Sent to MBX office and tardy assigned

Cell Phone Policy 

While MCHS is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campus, MBX Foundation is not. Please note the following cell phone policy and consequences:

Cell phones should be off and not visible from 8-10 AM, 10:20-12 PM, and 12:10-1:30 PM. Violations of this policy are as follows:

  1. 1st offense- warning
  2. 2nd offense- cell phone is confiscated and a tardy is issued

Your teacher may request use of cell phone devices in class as directed.

Program Changes

You may request a course change by completing and filing a Course Change Form on or before noon on the third day of the semester. The instructor of the class you are dropping must sign the Course Change Form (if the class is already in process), as must the student’s parent. Completed forms are to be returned to the Summer School Office. (Note: Change of Course Fee: $25.00 per session)


Only students entering grades 9 – 12 in the fall may take courses for academic credit.

The academic requirements and policies of the MBX Summer School Program are presented on this website. Please review them carefully. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING AND COMPLYING WITH THESE REGULATIONS.

ACCELERATED PROGRAM: One day of class is equivalent to a week of classes during the regular school year. Failure to attend class regularly jeopardizes your chances for academic success.

TEACHER ASSIGNMENTS: Classroom/teacher assignments will be posted on the north wall of the Math Science Building on the Friday prior to the first day of class. Teacher change requests will not be granted.

MBX provides a high-quality, rigorous program for initial credit as well as remediation. A full year course curriculum is condensed to 24 days and a semester course curriculum is completed in 12 days. Attendance is critical not only for success, it is required for course credit.

Attendance and Tardy Policies


You will be dropped from your courses if you are absent from class for more than one day per semester class (3 week session), or for more than two days for a year-long class (6 week session). There are no excused absences. All absences count toward the two days allowed if attending the full six week session or one day if attending the three week session. This is without exception.

***Instructors may not authorize exceptions to the Attendance Policy.

Students are expected to complete coursework, attend class daily on time and always be present for the last day of the semester. We understand that illness can happen however, with intensive course mapping, there are NO EXCEPTIONS for student absences. We understand that illness cannot be prevented however, we must uphold consistent and fair practices for all students. Please note STUDENTS MUST BE IN ATTENDANCE THE LAST DAY OF EACH SEMESTER FROM 8 AM -1:30 PM. Thursday, July 2 and Thursday, July 23, 2020.

***FINAL DAY SCHEDULE: The final may not be taken early and instructors may not authorize exceptions. Final Review: 8:00 am – 10:00 am. Final: 10:15 am – 1:30 pm


One (1) absence is allowed each semester. Absences accrue by a combination of Late and Tardy marks as well as full or partial day absences.

Student is marked:

  • Late (L) for tardy less than 5 minutes.
  • Tardy (T) for tardy 6 minutes plus
  • 3 Lates (L) = 1 Tardy
  • 12 Lates (L) = 1 Absence
  • 4 Tardies (T) = 1 Absence
  • 8 Tardies (T) = 2 Absences

Students enrolled in a one semester course may have a maximum of 1 ABSENCE and 3 LATES. If this policy is exceeded, even by one additional Late, the student will be dropped from the course and will not receive credit or a tuition refund. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Students enrolled in a two semester course may have a total of 2 ABSENCES (or equivalent Late/Tardy). If this policy is exceeded, even by one additional Late, the student will be dropped from the course and will not receive credit or a tuition refund. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Leaving campus for an appointment/meeting/any reason for more than 1 hour is a full day absence

1 hour absence is = to ½ day absence


For example, missing one day as a planned absence and accruing 4 tardies will result in dropping your student from the course.

Attendance Policy – Athletic

Athletics may be taken with or without credit. Athletic activities taken for credit earn 5 high school credits. To obtain credit for the semester you must follow the same attendance rules outlined under the Academic Absence Policy above. If more than one day absence is anticipated, please inform the activity coach and no credit will be awarded.

Course Credit (Academic)

MBX is a WASC accredited supplemental education program.  All MBX academic courses are accepted for credit on Mira Costa High School transcripts.

Each semester course is equivalent to 5 high school credits. Successful completion of yearlong courses earns 10 high school credits.

All MBX academic courses are eligible for UC/CSU approval and meet A-G subject requirements once placed on the Mira Costa transcript through Principal Certification.

If you attend a high school other than Mira Costa, you are responsible for ensuring that your grade will be accepted on your home school transcript and will subsequently meet the A-G subject requirement.


Students should bring their own laptop, chrome book or notebook computer to class as well as a charger (a cell phone will not be sufficient). Curriculum will be accessed online. If your student does not have a laptop or notebook, please let us know and MBX will provide one for daily use.

Homework should be purposeful and related to the subject studied. It is intended primarily to give the student added practice in acquiring skills, insights, and understanding in a particular area of learning. Nightly homework requirements vary among classes and teachers. If a teacher does not provide a specific assignment, it is expected that students read, study or review for the class each night.

Make Up Exams
If you miss an exam or other required course work during the summer session because of absence, you may make up the exam or assignment within one day of returning to school. Arrangements to complete make-up work are your responsibility and must be made directly with your instructor. All work must be completed by the last day of classes (1:30 PM on 07/23/2019). There are no make-up days for final exams, nor may they be taken early. Instructors may not authorize exceptions to this rule. Any extenuating circumstances will be handled by the principal, no later than the last day of class.

Grade Reports

Grades in courses taken at MBX are automatically placed on the Mira Costa transcripts for Mira Costa students. Any student who does not wish to have his/her grade on their Mira Costa High School transcript must ask their parent to request this by Wednesday, July 29, 2020 at 4:00 pm by emailing .

If you are not a full time Mira Costa High School student, please email to request a transcript. Please email the student name, school name and address for the sealed transcript to be sent.

Grade discrepancies must be reported immediately to the Summer School Principal. The appeal or challenge deadline for disputed grades is forty five days after the closing of classes. No changes, adjustments or corrections will be made after that date.


You may not enroll in a course for which you do not have the prerequisite or its equivalent. Prerequisites are listed in the course descriptions. Instructors may not waive prerequisites within a department sequence and accept students into the next level. Please note the differentiation between original credit courses and review courses. Review courses require that the course has already ben taken during the regular school year. Original credit courses have a prerequisite noted if applicable. Since the Summer School does not have access to the student’s grades, please ensure that the course prerequisite is met or consult your educational advisor.

Note: Certain Activities/Physical Fitness courses have tryouts. These are listed in the various course descriptions if available.



Withdrawal from a Course

If you wish to withdraw from a class, you must secure a Withdrawal form from the Summer School office or fill out the Withdrawal form online, and obtain the appropriate signatures (student, instructor, parents). You must complete the form and return it to the Summer School office along with any textbooks issued to you.


Need based scholarships are available for academic classes. Please consult your MCHS school counselor for more information.

Still have questions? Summer School Q&A may have answers.

Summer School Q&A

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