Twelve High School Surf Teams from across The South Bay came together to compete in the Annual Kickoff Classic in November. It is the largest multi day contest of the year and is the only one which allows all surfers to compete. Mira Costa represented well in both girls and boys shortboard and longboard. In the boys shortboard, Ryan Roberts was the last man standing, beating out over 160 surfers to finish 6th overall. In the boys longboard, Mira Costa had 4 surfers make it to the finals. Rhett Messer finished 1st, Sean Yuch 3rd, Gio Horta 4th and Matthew Sultemeier finished 6th. In the girls division, 40 girls competed in the shortboard with Mira Costa dominating the finals with Tea Trent taking 1st, Darby Roath 2nd and Elleni Tourigny finishing 6th. Mira Costa was dominant in the girls longboard as well, with Tea Trent finishing 2nd, Darby Roath taking 4th and Elleni Tourigny taking 6th. It was a great start to the surf season, which will continue with head to head competitions against each high school in the area.

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