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Dear MBX Parent/Guardian:

The goal of a comprehensive health education program is to empower teens to make responsible decisions regarding their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors and to encourage them to change their risk-taking and sometimes life-threatening behaviors. While promoting abstinence as the only 100% effective means for preventing the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, the MBX Foundation also recognizes that some students are engaging in sexual activity and other risk-taking behaviors that can lead to increased risk of infection of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Believing all students deserve to be safe, the Foundation implements sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention instruction that includes the following components:

  1. Information on the nature of HIV/AIDS and its effects on the human body.
  2. Information on the manner in which HIV is and is not transmitted, including information on activities that present the highest risk of HIV infection.
  3. Discussion of methods to reduce the risk of HIV infection, including:
    • Emphasis that sexual abstinence, monogamy, the avoidance of multiple sexual partners, and abstinence from intravenous drug use are the most effective means for HIV/AIDS prevention.
    • Statistics based upon the latest medical information citing the failure and success rates of condoms and other contraceptives in preventing sexually transmitted HIV infection.
    • Information on other methods that may reduce the risk of HIV transmission from intravenous drug use.
  4. Discussion of the public health issues associated with HIV/AIDS.
  5. Information on local resources for HIV testing and medical care.
  6. Development of refusal skills to assist students in overcoming peer pressure and using effective decision-making skills to avoid high-risk activities.
  7. Discussion about societal views on HIV/AIDS, including stereotypes and myths regarding persons with HIV/AIDS. This instruction shall emphasize compassion for persons living with HIV/AIDS.

Questions, comprehensive sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention instruction can be directed to the teacher or MBX summer school principal. In accordance with California Education Code, parents have an option to withdraw their student from the comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education. If you do not want your student to participate in the comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education, please submit your request in writing to MBX, via fax, 310-379-4523, or email .



Dr. Toni Brown

Mr. Daniel Pestle

MBX Summer School Principals

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