Virtual Course Offerings

The following list provides class descriptions for classes offered virtually. This year, all classes will be open to all students throughout MBUSD, with the exception of Math Olympiad, which is site specific.

 SPRING 2 2021

BERLITZ SPANISH LEVEL A Beginners and Continuing (K-2) and (3-5)

Effective and engaging The Berlitz Method focuses on real-life situations and activities making learning a language effective, enjoyable and meaningful for young learners. Our unique learning cycle allows students, parents and educators to track progress, measure improvement and celebrate achievements. Berlitz Languages


Intro to Chess is a beginner course and an excellent introduction for students to learn the game of chess and build their critical and strategic thinking. Our Chess teacher will show you how to set up the board, name of the pieces, pieces movement, special moves in chess, critical thinking, checks, checkmates, choosing the Best moves, and basic opening principles! Our program is a great start to learn CHESS! Discover Chess will allow students to learn the opening principle of the game, solve lots of puzzles, learn the basic strategies and endgame positions. At the end of class, we will analyze a player’s game. This class is fantastic for kids who want to take their chess game to the next level. SciGenius


Kids will tantalize their taste buds and have fun with food! Different recipes each week from appetizers to entrees, snacks, desserts and more! Learn about nutrition, dining etiquette, and cooperation skills in this scrumptious class! Parker Anderson Central LA

Runs through June 2021

Do you like Math? Do you want to solve fun problems with friends? Join us online! Together we will solve math problems, play math games, and make new friends. Class meets once a week on Zoom throughout the school year. Even if you think you’re not great at math but still like to solve problems, this club will help you improve your skills. There may be an opportunity for math tournaments throughout the year and if your child is interested in enrolling, extra fees may be requested. This class is only open to MBUSD students. Students register for their home school class, unless otherwise indicated. Prerequisites: A love for problem solving! This class is a continuation of an ongoing program. If interested in joining for the remainder of the school year, please reach out to to be referred to the coach at your home school.  MBX Math Olympiad Coaches


This course will focus on the essentials of effective and powerful communication. Students will learn to craft and structure speeches, manage nerves, develop analytical and organizational skills, and express themselves distinctively and successfully. While in class, students will be given the opportunity to explore and develop the skills of speech and persuasive debate while presenting on a weekly basis. Most importantly, students will gain confidence and ease when speaking in public.  The Actor’s Place


Master fundamentals of Scratch programming! This course focuses on providing the Scratch first-timers with an easy way to start Scratch programming which has many robust capabilities comparing to Scratch Jr but still easy to develop programs with the integrated development environment. Your child will learn Scratch programming by solving many small projects. Your child will learn loops, If-then-else branch, variables, and other new capabilities and be familiar with the Scratch environment to be ready for the next step such as Scratch Game coding. STEAM Dojo


Let’s master and improve coding skills with games!​ Developing and customizing games is the best way to master coding skills and improve logical thinking. The fun and interactive games motivate your child to learn while nurturing creativity and logical thinking. Games require advanced coding skills, UI/UX (user interface and user experience) design, game story design, and a lot of logical thinking– and we can teach your child all of these and more with this camp! What your child will learn Scratch programming environment ​ Programming skills such as if/else branches, loops, variables, conditions, screen/character control, sound control, interactivity, and event-driven programming Character and sound design and edition UI/UX design to make games fun and more challenging. STEAM Dojo


Take fingerprints, decode secret messages, search for clues, go on a scavenger hunt and decipher our virtual Escape Room on the last day of class! Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries and develop observation and reasoning skills! Every student also creates their very own ID Badge and detective kit! Basic household items are needed to participate! Parker Anderson Central LA


Students will practice and expand their public speaking skills while learning what it takes to be an effective journalist and interviewer. They’ll write and report their own school news, create their own talk show and even experience “on the red carpet” entertainment interviewing. The Actor’s Place

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