Elementary Class Descriptions

The following list provides class descriptions for classes offered at all five elementary sites. Not all classes are offered at all sites. Interested in a class that is only offered at another school? No problem! On Monday, September 11, you can enroll in classes at other sites. To register for classes at a site other than your home school, during registration, filter your search by the location of the school where the class is offered.

When registering for classes, be sure to review and update your child’s teacher, room number and other important information.



This art program is for students who are really interested in learning to see to draw! Through the course of instruction students are exposed to one and two point perspective as well as interior perspective, using themes that are interesting to young minds.  We talk about negative space, shadows, highlights and ‘cast’ shadows. The students learn to blend colors with colored pencils, pastels and paints.  We explore facial proportions, giving the students the confidence to draw a person or animal.  References to artists of historical importance are made whenever possible and especially if it ties in with the subject matter. During the class, the student is given the freedom to make choices and to think about their composition and what is visually and aesthetically pleasing to them as an artist! The classes are really about drawing, seeking spatial relationships and observation.  Jake Tedesco, Community Art Instructor 


Join the popular Coach Dimitri or Coach Fernando for an afternoon of basketball. This class will focus on skills, drills, fun, learning and team building. Always a fun and active afternoon!  Dimitri Upshaw, South Bay Athletics (Pennekamp, Meadows) and Fernando Pincay, Semper Fit Sports (Grand View, Robinson, Pacific)


This class is designed to target age-specific skills for children in kindergarten. The curriculum introduces basic skills training reinforcing physical, intellectual, social, and emotional abilities. Emphasis is placed on building their basic fundamental skills with a strategic balance of martial arts. Each class students will earn skill stripes signifying their progress and qualifying them for their next rank. New incoming students will receive a BBK logo t-shirt and white belt.  Black Belt Kids


Designed to target age-specific skills for children in grades 1-5, the curriculum introduces core skills training reinforcing physical, intellectual, social, and emotional abilities. More emphasis is placed on building their core fundamental skills with a strategic balance of martial arts. Each class students will earn skill stripes signifying their progress and qualifying them for their next rank. New incoming students will receive a traditional karate uniform and white belt.  Black Belt Kids


Brit West Soccer, Inc. offers a developmentally appropriate soccer curriculum that teaches skills through fun games in the context of STEAM topics. Each class highlights a specific skill such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and game development while also introducing a new STEAM concept. Games focus on fun, progression, and inclusivity.  Brit West Soccer


Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Color Me Mine is returning due to popular demand. Pick, paint, have your item fired, and take it home! Everyone is an artist in this class as you express your creativity.  Color Me Mine


While learning to play chess, students will be taught critical thinking, mental discipline and problem solving skills, which can positively impact learning in the classroom. Designed to motivate and entertain, the curriculum introduces otherwise difficult concepts while teaching the art of chess.  Intermediate and advanced players must understand “check” and “check mate” and be able to utilize end game strategy.  Academic Chess


Enjoy delicious and healthy food by your favorite celebrity chefs in this fun, interactive Cooking class! We’ll explore dishes made by Gordon Ramsay, Jamie Oliver, Giada de Laurentis, Guy Fieri, Bobby Flay and more! Each lesson students will develop their culinary skills while learning about nutrition, culture and even dining etiquette. Get hungry to learn the art of cooking. Recipes Include: Giada’s Pasta Caprese, Kale Caesar Salad, Bobby Flay’s Chicken Tacos with Queso Fresco, Cauliflower Gratin, Jamie Oliver’s Eggplant Bruschetta, Rainbow Salad Wraps, Gordon Ramsay’s Tomato and Mushroom Risotto, Guy Fieri’s Chili, Ree’s Marshmallow Crispy Treats and more.  Lift Enrichment


Come take this musical journey with us and explore the magical music of Disney! Follow the bouncing ball and sing along with your favorite characters as you perform songs karaoke style. Make your own hats and attend our Alice in Wonderland Mad Hatter’s tea party. Sing out with Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan, the cast of Frozen and more. There’s music in the air!  The Actor’s Place


This is an inventive and artistic opportunity to create earth-friendly projects using sustainable materials. The art projects will include the use of found objects, organic materials, and recycled items. With each lesson, students will learn the importance of a sustainable environment with hands-on creative fun!  Elizabeth Kneisley, local ecological artist


Join us for some sky-high fun in this junior aerospace program which introduces our youngest engineers-in-training to fundamental concepts of aircraft and spacecraft design. Through open and focused exploration, students will launch into the world of airplanes, rockets, helicopters, and more! The Engineering Design Process doesn’t stop after class ends– students will bring home each week’s project to continue testing and improving these flying machines!  Engineering for Kids


Have you ever wanted to design, build and program your own robot? Students will construct their own robots from the ground up, using the VEXIQ design system. The robots will then compete against each other in the VEXIQ High-rises Challenge. In the challenge, students will build and program their robots to stack high-rises of colored blocks, and compete to score the most points in a designated time period. This is a STEM based curriculum where students will learn coding, building and the engineering process for basic robotic construction and design. The VEX design system is a national standard, and the standard used throughout MBUSD for STEM classes and robotics. This class is offered by the Mira Costa High School Robotics team and Ken Brenan, LEGO instructor and Computer Science teaching assistant at MCHS – Offered at Pennekamp School, Fridays 3-4:30pm


TGA Flag Football combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our multilevel advancement program includes drills and scrimmages taught by professional football instructors. Quality flag football equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. The session culminates with a game day for friends and families to attend. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning flag football convenient, enriching and fun. TGA Flag Football


TGA Premier Golf combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our five-level advancement program includes swing fundamentals and rules/etiquette taught by professional golf instructors. Quality TGA golf equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning golf convenient, enriching and fun. Total Golf Adventures


Join the fun in this inquiry-based exploration using hands-on materials as students learn to become critical thinkers. Kids will be captivated with the wide range of science they will experience during the session…color-changing beads, density columns, ice cube ropes, and so much more!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


Let your child go “Zoo Wild” with this completely hand-on experience unlike any other! Students will explore animals and reptiles of all shapes, sizes, and colors as we bring our indoor safari to the palms of their hands. Don’t miss out on this incredible animal experience!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


Make your own jewelry in a hands-on introduction to this exciting and creative art form. Students make professional looking beaded jewelry using a variety of materials. Among the items created are earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rings. Parker Anderson Enrichment


From Frank Lloyd Wright to automotive design to Van Gogh, Picasso and Monet, students will learn about the many artists, architects, designers, and engineers that influence the arts and design in today’s world. Clay, wood, wire, paint, sketching, tile, sustainable materials, artist’s markers and more are part of this amazing introduction to the arts. Get ready to have a ton of fun and let the imagination soar!  Art To Grow On Inc.


Long gone are the typing classes we dreaded years ago, but with computers playing such an important role in our children’s education, the need to learn keyboarding is more important than ever. As we know, keyboarding is not a skill that can be acquired after a couple of classes, it takes time and practice.  Fun is the motivating factor; we will be using software that makes learning the keyboard a challenging game.  The class will always end with choices of art and puzzle software which is a trek of math, logic and science.  It’s all about having fun while learning, which is what makes this class so much more enjoyable than a traditional keyboarding course.  Little Click Club


TGA Lacrosse combines station-based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our multilevel advancement program includes drills and scrimmages taught by professional lacrosse instructors. Quality lacrosse equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning lacrosse convenient, enriching and fun.  TGA Sports


Come join Mr. B and his team exploring the world of LEGO building.   Participants learn to build a variety of LEGO sets from Star Wars to Castle to Friends and more!   Participants are encouraged to build sets larger and bigger than their abilities with help from the instructors.  Each child will learn independent building, LEGO instruction reading, self-reliance, and socialization. Join the fun today!  Mr. B and team


SYSTEM 3 – Did Someone Say Science? Discover the mystery in chemistry by exploring physical and chemical reactions. Learn the fundamentals of flight by building you own stunt planes! You’ll be a Top Gun before you know it! Experiment with gravity, inertia and centripetal force. Learn the science behind illusions and mind-reading! It’s not magic—it’s science! Discover the hidden strength of triangles, arches and cylinders to build your own super-structure! Uncover the science behind aerodynamics and the properties of air. Make air pockets with zing and levitate ping-pong balls! Explore how meteorologists study weather and how clouds form. Learn how air temperature affects weather.  Mad Science


This activity is for kids who really enjoy math and puzzles.  We will practice solving challenging word problems, and the kids will take monthly in-class contests from MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School).  Here is an example of a pretty simple challenge math problem.  A caterpillar starts on the bottom of a fence that is 10 feet long.  The caterpillar climbs up 5 feet in the morning, and climbs down 4 feet in the evening.  How long until the caterpillar reaches the top?  (Hint: the answer is not 10 days).  If your child is excited by this problem and wants to do more, this is the activity for him or her!  Dr. Alice Kuo, Math Olympiad instructor and coach.  


Tap into your dramatic side by playing “celebrities” and “detectives” while trying to solve this Hollywood mystery. Stars are gathered at the Golden Trophy Awards hoping they will win this coveted statue worth one million dollars. When the trophy suddenly disappears, celebs turn sleuths and must solve the crime. Part role playing, part puzzle solving, each week students will enjoy acting games and improv exercises while developing their characters and playing out a part of the event. From their “acceptance speeches” to detective “interrogations,” they will uncover clues and ultimately solve the case in this fun and highly creative class.  The Actor’s Place


SUIT UP, IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME! Join us after school and shine on stage as you bring to life your favorite characters from the hit movie, INCREDIBLES 2! This class has something for everyone, first timers and advancing performers alike. Don your super suit, flex your muscles and let your imagination run wild as you discover the joys of acting, improve, voice and speech, theater games, and choreography! Develop self-confidence and team spirit! Parents and friends will be invited to enjoy a special workshop presentation that highlights the class show and the skills and techniques our students have learned throughout the session. You have powers, baby!  Performing Arts Workshop


Join the fun! Listen to favorite classic and contemporary storybooks and then create theme related artwork using a variety of media. A great way to supplement the classroom reading-readiness curriculum. Some of the activities will include hunting for golden eggs with the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, taking a trip with Flat Stanley and making a shell home where the Hermit Crab will want to live. Please note that the curriculum changes each session in order to accommodate the needs and interests of returning students.  Sue Kneisley has taught preschool, elementary, and college level classes in art, writing, and child development.


Original songs are taught using a unique patent pending method that combines the melody with the basic four tones of Mandarin. Children have fun singing useful conversational phrases in the correct tones that are easily stored in their long-term memory. Through fun songs and games, children are eager to learn to speak Chinese. Students will soon be singing in Chinese while doing other daily tasks!  Sing in Chinese

SOUND ARTS:  “#No sELFie” (3-5)

It’s holiday time and the clock is ticking!  The elves are happily bustling around, putting the final touches on the presents that will soon be delivered, and trying to capture a special selfie with each one of the toys before they are delivered to children around the world.  Everyone is excited… except for the lead elf, Carroll.  “Holiday Time? Big Deal!”  Carroll is the definition of the word “grump.”  Join the fun as the ghosts of holiday past, present, and future each pay a visit to Carroll and help him understand why holiday time IS a big deal and that it’s never too late to get the holiday spirit! Sound Arts reflects the philosophy of giving every child the opportunity to experience music and performance. Musicals are specifically designed around the National Standards for Arts Education and the California State Standards. Students sing, act, dance, while also learning about science, history, art, and cultural events. All students in third through fifth grade are eligible to participate. Weekly attendance is important. Class Motto: “Team Work Makes the Dream Work!” Mrs. Laurie Draper, Master of Arts in Vocal Performance


Take fingerprints, decode secret messages, search for clues, go on a scavenger hunt and decipher our Escape Room! Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries and develop observation and reasoning skills! Every student also receives their very own ID Badge and detective kit!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


Come make awesome stuff with us! Imagination Invention Studio, based on Tinkering School LA camps and a Tinkering Mindset (experiment, fail, learn, try again), teaches children to confidently design and build creations as wild as their imaginations. A mix of materials exploration, tool training, design challenges, and open builds provide skills students need. Watch them build, tinker, refine, and playfully engage real materials to create unique projects. ReDiscover Center


TGA Volleyball combines station-based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our multilevel advancement program includes drills and scrimmages taught by professional volleyball instructors. Quality volleyball equipment provided. TA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning volleyball convenient, enriching and fun.  TGA Sports


Students are taught the art of sculpting with Sculpey, the same clay used by animation studios, jewelry makers and professional doll makers. This session our focus is CARTOONS! From the bottom of the sea to the imaginary world of Dr. Seuss, students will have fun sculpting these colorful cartoon characters. Sculpting is a great way to encourage creativity while covertly increasing fine motor skills. All supplies are included and students take home a project after each class.   Watch Me Sculpt


Come join us for some fun with Weird and Wacky Science! New, cool, and hands-on experiments each week! This class is filled with fun science activities: amazing crystals, magnetism, static electricity, gravity, and so much more! Experience the Scientific Method as never before!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


Should children be allowed to have cell phones in schools? Should wearing helmets be mandatory when bike riding? What’s the better gaming platform—Xbox or PlayStation? These are just some of the issues and questions that kids ponder every day. You have an opinion, but how do you prove your opinion is the better opinion? To learn how, join us after school for an adventure in debating as you experience the World of WordCraft! This is your chance to find your voice, get involved, empower yourself, and begin a life-long exploration of the majesty and wonder of words and ideas. WOW gives students the tools for developing self-confidence, public speaking skills, building a powerful vocabulary, and learning the finer points of language arts. Working off a foundation of voice, speech, and diction, WOW uses debate to teach students the art of organizing and articulating ideas, structuring and supporting arguments, listening and countering and more, in a fun, safe, and non-competitive environment. Words and ideas can change the world!  Performing Arts Workshops


Fun is the name of the game in this acting class designed for grades TK-1. Each week has a new theme while our students enjoy a truly well-rounded cross-section of the Arts, including; Dramatic Play, Music, Voice & Singing, Creative Movement, Fairytale Theater, and more. Set in the context of the Arts, children will further develop life skills such as creative thinking, verbal and diction skills, working in cooperation, following instruction, sharing, taking turns, developing self-esteem and confidence.  Performing Arts Workshops

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