Elementary Class Descriptions

The following list provides class descriptions for classes offered at all five elementary sites. Not all classes are offered at all sites. Interested in a class that is only offered at another school, including Neuroscience Club (at Grand View)? No problem! On Monday, April 9, you can enroll in classes at other sites. To register for classes at a site other than your home school, during registration, filter your search by the location of the school where the class is offered.


(All courses are not offered at every site each session)


This art program is for students who are really interested in learning to see to draw! Through the course of instruction students are exposed to one and two point perspective as well as interior perspective, using themes that are interesting to young minds.  We talk about negative space, shadows, highlights and ‘cast’ shadows. The students learn to blend colors with colored pencils, pastels and paints.  We explore facial proportions, giving the students the confidence to draw a person or animal.  References to artists of historical importance are made whenever possible and especially if it ties in with the subject matter. During the class, the student is given the freedom to make choices and to think about their composition and what is visually and aesthetically pleasing to them as an artist! The classes are really about drawing, seeking spatial relationships and observation.  Jake Tedesco, Community Art Instructor 


Join the popular Coach Dimitri or Coach Fernando for an afternoon of basketball. This class will focus on skills, drills, fun, learning and team building. Always a fun and active afternoon!  Dimitri Upshaw, South Bay Athletics (Pennekamp, Meadows) and Fernando Pincay, Semper Fit Sports (Grand View, Robinson)


Brit West Soccer, Inc. offers a developmentally appropriate soccer curriculum that teaches skills through fun games in the context of STEAM topics. Each class highlights a specific skill such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and game development while also introducing a new STEAM concept. Games focus on fun, progression, and inclusivity.  Brit West Soccer


Take advantage of this unique opportunity. Color Me Mine is returning due to popular demand. Pick, paint, have your item fired, and take it home! Everyone is an artist in this class as you express your creativity.  Color Me Mine


While learning to play chess, students will be taught critical thinking, mental discipline and problem solving skills, which can positively impact learning in the classroom. Designed to motivate and entertain, the curriculum introduces otherwise difficult concepts while teaching the art of chess.  Intermediate and advanced players must understand “check” and “check mate” and be able to utilize end game strategy.  Academic Chess


Get ready to “Mangia Bene” (“Eat Well”) in LIFT Enrichment’s cooking class! This session kids will journey through Italy and learn to make Homemade Gnocchi, Caesar Salad with Croutons, Minestrone Soup, Classic & Veggie Meatballs, Healthy Fettuccine Alfredo with Asparagus and much more. Plus each lesson includes a dash of history, science, culinary techniques and even dining etiquette. At the end of the session parents are invited to our Kid Restaurant where your kids are the waiters and chefs. Get hungry to learn the art of cooking!  Lift Enrichment


Do you have the music in you? In this new class you’ll have the opportunity to learn different dances, move to exciting interactive songs and play with musical instruments. Musical games and activities will be incorporated in order to teach the basics of rhythm and timing. Experience various types of music and explore your creativity in this fun musical experience!  The Actor’s Place


Learn all about Dinosaurs in this fun, hands-on class! Explore the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras through all sorts of project based activities: Dino Digs, fossil hunts, and “Dino of the Day” activities! You even get your own Dinosaur Egg to take home with you!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


From Descendants to Moana, Tangled and Cinderella to name a few…this class will have you singing and dancing to songs from your favorite Disney movies. Show off your skills in a performance for friends and family on the last day of class. Come join the fun!  The Actor’s Place


The engineering club is back with all new classes! Dive into the world of industrial, mechanical, civil, and aerospace engineering by designing, building, and testing a different build each week. Explore different geometric shapes, eggstreme defense vehicles, bottle rockets and more. Discover and fuel your passion for engineering through Engineering Explorers Club!  Engineering for Kids


TGA Flag Football combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our multilevel advancement program includes drills and scrimmages taught by professional football instructors. Quality flag football equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Every program culminates with a game day for friends and families to attend. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning flag football convenient, enriching and fun. TGA Flag Football


TGA Premier Golf combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our five-level advancement program includes swing fundamentals and rules/etiquette taught by professional golf instructors. Quality TGA golf equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning golf convenient, enriching and fun. Total Golf Adventures


Love dogs? Don’t paws…come join us! Express your inner pup in this imaginative animal themed class. Create a character dog hat and bring your pup to life in your very own “dog show.” Develop your creative voice by engaging in active storytelling, improvisation, movement exercises and character exploration all while building confidence. Woof Woof!  The Actor’s Place

HIP HOP ROCK (TK-3)     

Step up and dance.  This workshop offers an exciting and energizing fusion of the most popular dance styles today…Hip Hop & Jazz!  This dance class really moves!!  We include the traditions of stretch, balance, alignment of both styles of dance along with the techniques, fun and freedom the art of choreography gives you.  Through the art of dance, our students will improve their strength, stamina, coordination, imagination, self-esteem and fitness.  Kianna Peppers, Dance Instructor


Make your own jewelry in a hands-on introduction to this exciting and creative art form. Students make professional looking beaded jewelry using a variety of materials. Among the items created are earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rings. Parker Anderson Enrichment


Long gone are the typing classes we dreaded years ago, but with computers playing such an important role in our children’s education, the need to learn keyboarding is more important than ever. As we know, keyboarding is not a skill that can be acquired after a couple of classes, it takes time and practice.  Fun is the motivating factor; we will be using software that makes learning the keyboard a challenging game.  The class will always end with choices of art and puzzle software which is a trek of math, logic and science.  It’s all about having fun while learning, which is what makes this class so much more enjoyable than a traditional keyboarding course.  Little Click Club


TGA Premier Lacrosse combines athletics, academics, and life lessons to create a dynamic experience that emphasizes safety, fitness, and fun. Certified coaches lead students through station-based drills and games that develop the fundamental skills of Lacrosse while teaching valuable life lessons including perseverance, leadership, and sportsmanship. Students also participate in STEAM labs that allow them to explore academic concepts like gravity, geometry, and force through the lens of sports.  TGA Sports


Come join Mr. B and his team exploring the world of LEGO building.   Participants learn to build a variety of LEGO sets from Star Wars to Castle to Friends and more!   Participants are encouraged to build sets larger and bigger than their abilities with help from the instructors.  Each child will learn independent building, LEGO instruction reading, self-reliance, and socialization. Join the fun today!  Mr. B and team


Students will have a full artistic experience as they create and perform their own content. Whether it be with masks, puppets, movie posters, commercials for self-made products, a screenplay about an alternate Harry Potter universe etc, they get to be the writers, actors and producers of their own mini Hollywood projects.  The Actor’s Place


READY, SET, SCIENCE! We are on a mission to explore the world of science! Build your own Technicolor Blender while learning about the hidden components of light. Use hands on experimentation to find out if compasses really help you find your way. Have fun with thermometers and investigate amazing optical illusions. Explore how sounds are created and transmitted and create hair-raising experiments with plasma balls! Lastly, cultivate a healthy attitude about fitness and nutrition in a fun way while discovering the biology of your taste buds!  Mad Science


Take part in an innovative new experience designed to help students learn about mathematics in a way that is both fun and engaging. The goal of Math Circle is to promote enjoyment of and improve student attitude towards mathematics.  The class will bring students together with mathematicians and educators to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics. The class will focus on problem solving, perseverance, and abstract reasoning. This class is being offered by Pennekamp teachers, Kim Price and Anna Bargogliotti


This activity is for kids who really enjoy math and puzzles.  We will practice solving challenging word problems, and the kids will take monthly in-class contests from MOEMS (Math Olympiad for Elementary and Middle School).  Here is an example of a pretty simple challenge math problem.  A caterpillar starts on the bottom of a fence that is 10 feet long.  The caterpillar climbs up 5 feet in the morning, and climbs down 4 feet in the evening.  How long until the caterpillar reaches the top?  (Hint: the answer is not 10 days).  If your child is excited by this problem and wants to do more, this is the activity for him or her! Dina Mayzlin, Math Olympiad instructor and coach.        


We introduce children to the wonderful world of music! Students will listen, play, craft, dance, and sing as they learn about an assortment of instruments including the violin, flute, trumpet, keyboard, guitar and more! Each student also receives their own Flutophone to take home at the end of the session. Join us!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


Join Mira Costa student members of the NeuroScience Club and learn about how your brain works.  This awesome curriculum will introduce you to Brain Basics, Cellular Neuroscience, Neuroanatomy, Sensation and Function, Brain Development, Higher Functions, Laboratory Neuroscience, Disorders, Learning and Memory Cognition, Neuroethics, and much more. This is a unique opportunity to learn from students who have a passion for understanding the brain.  Mira Costa Neuro Science Club


Join the fun! Listen to favorite classic and contemporary storybooks and then create theme related artwork using a variety of media. A great way to supplement the classroom reading-readiness curriculum. Some of the activities will include hunting for golden eggs with the giant in Jack and the Beanstalk, taking a trip with Flat Stanley and making a shell home where the Hermit Crab will want to live.  Please note that the curriculum changes each session in order to accommodate the needs and interests of returning students.  Sue Kneisley has taught preschool, elementary and college level classes in art, writing and child development.


Ready, set, blast off! Explore the Universe as we launch everything from Film Canister Rockets to Water Bottle Blasters, Business Card Boomerangs, and much more! Our adventures will take us to Titan, Mars, and a Galactic Cluster as we learn about comets, constellations, and our galaxy! This class is out of this world!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


Take fingerprints, decode secret messages, search for clues, go on a scavenger hunt and so much more! Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries and develop observation and reasoning skills!  Parker Anderson Enrichment


TGA Premier Tennis combines station based skill development with academic STEAM labs (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and character development lessons. Our five-level advancement program includes racquet and rally skills taught by professional tennis instructors. Quality TGA tennis equipment provided. TGA maintains a safe, nurturing environment with a low student to instructor ratio. Come out to play with TGA where we make learning tennis convenient, enriching and fun.  TGA Sports


Come make awesome stuff with us! Imagination Invention Studio, based on Tinkering School LA camps and a Tinkering Mindset (experiment, fail, learn, try again), teaches children to confidently design and build creations as wild as their imaginations. A mix of materials exploration, tool training, design challenges, and open builds provides skills students need. Watch them build, tinker, refine, and playfully engage real materials to create unique projects. ReDiscover Center


Watch Me Sculpt teaches students the art of sculpting with Sculpey, the same clay used by animation studios, jewelry makers and professional doll makers. Our focus this session is movie characters!  Watch Me Sculpt


Students will learn about the steps it takes to publish a yearbook, including planning, designing, editing and advertising.  Students will work collaboratively to create a theme, plan layouts, gather photos, and edit a 5thgrade photo memory book through Shutterfly’s online platform.  Students will also work together to design the event pages of the 2017-2018 Meadows Yearbook.  Sign up today to leave your mark on the 2017-2018 school year!”  Carly Garofalo, Meadows 5th grade teacher

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