FALL 2022: Class Descriptions


Children learn about famous artists such as Georgia O’ Keefe, Henri Matisse, and Andy Warhol as they make wonderful creations each week using a wide variety of artist’s material.  Art is fun–come join the adventure!  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



This art program is for students who are really interested in learning to draw! Through the course of instruction students are exposed to one and two point perspective as well as interior perspective, using themes that are interesting to young minds.  We talk about negative space, shadows, highlights and ‘cast’ shadows. The students learn to blend colors with colored pencils, pastels and paints.  We explore facial proportions, giving the students the confidence to draw a person or animal.  References to artists of historical importance are made whenever possible and especially if it ties in with the subject matter. During the class, the student is given the freedom to make choices and to think about their composition and what is visually and aesthetically pleasing to them as an artist! The classes are really about drawing, seeking spatial relationships and observation.  Jake Tedesco, Community Art Instructor  



Creativity and Innovation – Here we Come! Your lil’ creator will learn about Impressionism, Architecture, Blueprint Design, Sketching, Modern Art and more. Students will have a ton of fun strengthening fine-motor skills, building creative resilience, developing complex problem solving skills, and letting the imagination soar!  

Bonus Art Box included –  filled with Essential Art Supplies along with our weekly Building and Engineering Stations. 

The Art Box Academy



Join the popular Coach Dimitri for an afternoon of basketball. This class will focus on skills, drills, fun, learning and team building. Always a fun and active afternoon!  Dimitri Upshaw, South Bay Athletics 



Our Beginner/Intermediate breaking class is designed for both beginners with little or no experience and intermediate breakers that have experience dancing. We use our very own proprietary curriculum to teach the basic and intermediate concepts and moves of breaking. We focus on learning moves to express yourself through dance, building confidence, and developing a positive environment through helping one another all the while having a blast!. We Break Hip-Hop Dance Co.



Innovation and Design – Here we Come! Your awesome creator will learn about Blueprint Design, Drafting, Sketching and more. Students will work with graph paper, blueprint paper, architectural and design tools and create their own Amusement Park Blueprint, Skatepark Blueprint, Stadium Blueprint and more. Additional lessons include Automotive Sketching Project and Tree House Design 

Bonus Art Box included – filled with Essential Drafting and Design Supplies along with our weekly Building and Engineering Stations. The Art Box Academy



The B&L Signature Series class follows a unique curriculum designed to support and strengthen social emotional learning skills through the lens of yoga and mindfulness.  Each week, we’ll investigate a particular theme which guides the class discussion and journaling.  Students will also learn a specific breathing or mindfulness exercise, followed by daily yoga postures which are introduced and practiced in fun, engaging ways.  Class ends with a visualization to help students relax and reflect by connecting back to their breath.  Breathe & Learn



Make masks, helmets, bracelets, wings, and more – out of cardboard! Cardboard is a tremendously versatile and accessible building material. With reDiscover Center’s tools and techniques, kids can build big, strong, amazing costume pieces. Transform into a wild animal, dive into the past, and explore new worlds. New costume themes and activities each week. 

reDiscover Center



Students will increase their fine motor skills through fun sculpting projects and at the end of each class will have their very own, self-made cartoon character!  Get ready to find your inner creativity!  To solidify a project, bake at 275 for 15 minutes. All supplies included. Oh Rio!



Chemistry is amazing! Conduct physical and chemical experiments and learn what makes them work. Make your own desiccators and Elephant Toothpaste, grow copper sulfate crystals, and get ready for an instant snowstorm! All reactions are done outdoors and students wear protective goggles.  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



While learning to play chess, students will be taught critical thinking, mental discipline and problem solving skills, which can positively impact learning in the classroom. Designed to motivate and entertain, the curriculum introduces otherwise difficult concepts while teaching the art of chess.  Intermediate and advanced players must understand “check” and “check mate” and be able to utilize end game strategy.  

**Very Important!  Beginner chess players must identify themselves as a beginner so that you don’t miss out on the first day’s lessons. That introduction to the game will begin your chess journey…Rue Ellington



Learn to make figurines, mosaics, muti-media sculptures and more while learning about famous sculptors like Jeffrey Koons, Kenneth Price And Walter Furlan. Students will learn the principles of sculpture while exploring various media.  

Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Have you ever wanted to design, build and program your own robot? Students will construct their own robots from the ground up, using the VEXIQ design system. The robots will then compete against each other in the VEXIQ High-rises Challenge. In the challenge, students will build and program their robots to stack high-rises of colored blocks, and compete to score the most points in a designated time period. This is a STEM based curriculum where students will learn coding, building and the engineering process for basic robotic construction and design. The VEX design system is a national standard, and the standard used throughout MBUSD for STEM classes and robotics. This class is offered by the Mira Costa High School Robotics team and Ken Brenan, LEGO instructor and Computer Science teaching assistant at MCHS



Hip means ”Trendy” and Hop means “Jump.”

The Dance With Paisley & Company hip hop class is fresh, current, and energetic with age-appropriate movement and music! We lift up our students. Our goal is to foster love for movement while building skills and confidence, while having loads of fun! Ms. Paisley is highly trained and will guide your after school group in the hip hop DWP After School Program. Paisley Vaughn



Make your own jewelry in a hands-on introduction to this exciting and creative art form. Students make professional looking

beaded jewelry using a variety of materials. Among the items created are earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and rings. Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Learn all about Dinosaurs in this fun, hands-on class!  Explore the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous eras through all sorts of project-based activities:  Dino Digs, fossil hunts, and ‘Dino of the Day’ activities!  You even get your own Dinosaur Egg to take home with you! Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Kids will tantalize their taste buds and have fun with food! Different recipes each week from appetizers to entrees, snacks, desserts and more! Learn about nutrition and cooperation skills in this scrumptious class where the kids get to pick the recipes!  Parker-Anderson Enrichment


LC3K (1-5)

Join LC3K,  (Little Click Club/Computer Keyboarding,) and become a “Computer Whiz!”.  This class has a split curriculum that provides computer confidence and skill building experiences tailored to different age groups. Kinder, TK and 1st grade students solve computer detective missions with the Puterbugs program as they use the mouse and navigate the different keys on the computer keyboard through an animated journey. While working at their own pace students are exposed to computer terminology, reading, math, and critical thinking skills!  2nd through 5th grade students use software that makes learning computer keyboarding a challenging game. Each class always ends with choices of art and puzzle software which are a trek of math, logic and science for all ages. It’s all about having fun while learning, which is what makes this class so much more enjoyable than a traditional computer class or typing course. Fun and learning are the motivating factors in LC3K! Little Click Club


Come join Mr. B and his team exploring the world of LEGO building.   Participants learn to build a variety of LEGO sets from Star Wars to Castle to Friends and more!   Participants are encouraged to build sets larger and bigger than their abilities with help from the instructors.  Each child will learn independent building, LEGO instruction reading, self-reliance, and socialization. Join the fun today!  Mr. B and team



Tap into your dramatic side by playing “suspects” and “detectives” while trying to work out the mystery that is taking place at Happy Valley Elementary School.  Part role playing , part puzzle solving, our students act out scenes in order to solve the crime in this fun and highly interactive class.  The Actors Place



Looking for a challenge! Joining this class develops Mathletes–students who learn skills in competitive math. Our team will practice solving challenging word problems and develop problem-solving strategies and confidence. Mathletes will participate in select competitions and tournaments. Math Olympiad will prepare students for the MathCounts competitive math program at MBMS. 



This class will primarily focus on Soccer, Baseball and Basketball skills, while highlighting speed, agility and movement. High energy and filled with lots of fun games, players will learn proper dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques of soccer and basketball, while learning proper hitting and fielding in baseball. Game scenarios and situations will aid in the development and further understanding of all sports played. A few playground games will be added and sprinkled in, to help maintain a fun factor keeping the players engaged throughout the session.  Semper Fit Sports



This class will focus on the essentials of clear, effective, and powerful communication. Students will learn to craft and structure speeches, manage nerves, develop analytical and organizational skills, and express themselves distinctively and successfully. They will also explore and develop the skills of persuasive debate. Our young orators will find their creative voice while gaining confidence and ease when speaking in public.  The Actor’s Place



Using laptop computers, your child will be the main character of a guided learning adventure in a world full of technology. The Puterbugs program prepares kindergartners with the fundamentals of important tech skills starting with the letters of the keyboard. Students will learn everything from basic mouse, keyboard, and navigational skills to more advanced mobile concepts, such as networks, satellites, cell phones, cloud technology, wireless, email, and the internet. Each class improves listening skills, concentration, promotes self-confidence and offers the opportunity to learn a new skill.  Little Click Club



The Fashion Design class is all about you!  Create a “line” of clothing, from your formal gowns to casual chic! Come up with your own design for a school uniform and make an outfit for yourself using clothes from your closet.  It will be fun…and chic too!  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Take fingerprints, decode secret messages, search for clues, go on a scavenger hunt and decipher our escape room!  Explore the fascinating world of solving mysteries and develop observation and reasoning skills.  Every student also receives their very own ID Badge and detective kit.  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Part math, part science, and part art…this STEAM class has it all!  Using assorted architecture & bridge building model sets, this class teaches basic drafting, scale, symmetry, proportion, and geometry.  Students will build iconic models and learn about famous architects as they explore their creativity.  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Join Inventor’s Workshop and learn to think outside the box as you come up with your own contraptions and inventions!  In this interactive, STEAM-based class, students will not only learn about the amazing history of famous inventors, but will also create, modify and demonstrate their own designs.  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Science can be so much fun!  We teach inquiry-based exploration with hands-on materials as students learn to become critical thinkers.  Kids wont be bored for a minute with the wide range of science they will experience during the sessions.  Color-changing beads, density columns, and so much more.  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



Come join us to learn about and play the most popular computer game on the planet!  Lern Minecraft building techniques, details of command blocks, and how to change the look of the game.  Kids learn strategy, team building, and cooperation skills while playing Minecraft in a fun, safe and supervised environment.  Parker-Anderson Enrichment



My name is Coach Max, and my passion is providing the most enjoyable organized playtime experience for children through activities that keep them moving and engaged. After teaching PE for 5 years, I founded Tiny Kicks Academy to mix Soccer with classic games such as capture the flag, cops and robbers, the floor is lava, and gaga ball to teach the values of teamwork in the most fun environment.  Tiny Kicks Academy



Make art using upcycled materials, like collages, mosaics, assemblages, and crafts. Use recycled materials, offcuts, and scraps curated by reDiscover Center. With storytime, songs, and games.  reDiscover Center

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