28 Mira Costa student athletes were recognized for their college commitments!

Congratulations to Mira Costa student athletes!

Years of hard work have led to this moment and this month 28 Mira Costa athletes were honored as they look forward to playing at a collegiate level.  These Universities are very lucky to get our Mustangs next year!

Madeline Bananni – Beach Volleyball – University of California Los Angeles
Amanda Burns – Indoor Volleyball – Loyola Marymount University
Nicholas (Nik) Butler – Lacrosse – Quinnipiac
Roger Brown – Swim – Boston College
Jackson (Jake) Carter – Water Polo – University of Southern California
Kacey Feng – Tennis – Santa Clara University
Shane Foley – Baseball – Lawrence University
Emma Fong – Softball – College of the Holy Cross
Ava Gallien – Beach Volleyball – University of Southern California
Jim Garrison – Volleyball – University of California San Diego
Max Gordon – Volleyball – University of  California Santa Barbara
Grace Householter –  Softball – Bates College
Christian Hunter – Rugby – Cal Polytechnic State University
Katie Katsuyama – Softball – MIT
Alexa Langlois – Beach Volleyball – Tulane University
John Lloyd – Baseball – Fresno Pacific University
Harry Mathis – Baseball – Penn State University
Troy McDonald – Volleyball – George Mason University
Sean McQuiggan – Volleyball – University of California, Los Angeles
Tasman Mullins – Indoor Volleyball – Dartmouth College
Natalie Myszkowski – Beach Volleyball – University of California, Los Angeles
Maiken Pardon – Water Polo – San Jose State University
Jasmin Peterman – Cross Country & Track – Santa Clara University
Paolo Riverin – Water Polo – University of Toronto, Canada
Austin Stuard – Volleyball – University of Southern California
Piper Stevens – Indoor Volleyball – Dartmouth College
Collin Tournat – Water Polo – University of California San Diego
Nikki Underwood – Indoor Volleyball – Duke University

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