Two Manhattan Bech Teams compete in the VEX Robotics Competition!

The VRC (VEX Robotics Competition) World Championships were held this past week between May 17 and May 22. This year, over 900 middle school teams and over 2400 high school teams participated in the 2020 – 2021 competition season. Teams came to the World Championships to represent their home country/state from 30 countries and across 49 states.
Manhattan Beach qualified 2 teams for World’s this year to represent SoCal. Each team played 2 days of round-robin style matches, before eventually qualifying for their subdivision playoffs in a single-elimination style tournament
R.A.T. qualified as the 3rd seeded alliance in their subdivision and made it to the subdivision finals with their alliance teammate (team #2990B) from Salem, OR. In sports terms, this would be roughly equivalent to reaching the sweet 16 in the NCAA (from a starting field of 260 H.S. teams world-wide).
Space Pandas qualified as the 4th seeded alliance in their subdivision, eventually winning their subdivision with their alliance teammate (team #5203G) from McDonough, GA. In sports terms, this would be roughly the equivalent of reaching the elite 8 in the NCAA (from a starting field of 113 M.S. teams world-wide).
Space Pandas also competed in the Robot Skills challenge at World Championships, finishing with the 5th overall score across their field of 115 M.S. teams.
Additionally, the Space Pandas were recognized at World Championships with the Sportsmanship Award for exemplary conduct and interacting with others in the spirit of friendly competition and cooperation.
We are proud of the resilience, resourcefulness, and perseverance shown by the kids all year long. A big thank you goes out to MBX for providing our teams with the financial and organizational structure to continue to do these types of activities.
High School Results (#884B, R.A.T. participated in subdivision “Math A”)
Middle School Results (#884A, Space Pandas participated in subdivision “Technology A”)
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