Mira Costa Cross-Country Held a 1-Mile Time Trial!

Wait. What is a time trial? And, why is the Cross-Country Team only running 1 mile?
While most Cross-Country running courses are 3.1 miles, the 1-mile time trial is a great way for MCXC runners to attempt to set PRs and to get a good gauge of their fitness to date. While the MCXC Boys and Girls Cross Country teams have been waiting to start their season, they have been safely practicing within their cohorts in compliance with guidelines. We can’t wait to see our athletes return to the course! Check out the results of their recent time trial…
Colin – 4:27.8
Cormac – 4:30.2
Seamus – 4:46.9
Sean – 4:49.6
Parker – 4:50.3
Faris – 4:51.9
Kai – 5:04.0
Blake – 5:09.7
Kyle – 5:11.6
Jude – 5:18.7
Coach Hunter – 5:21
Dalia Frias – 4:59.8

Kayla Kershaw – 5:44
Ella Parsley- 5:45
Lucca Franz -5:45
Meg Baxter – 6:00
Annie Iantuono -6:12

Finoula Carew- 6:13

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