MBX announces MBXNext

MBXNext is a program for high school graduates enrolling in El Camino College.

Need a little extra help checking off “to do’s”?

Worried about meeting friends at El Camino?

Concerned about getting the right classes to transfer to a university in 2 years?

Then MBXNext is the answer. Join us Wednesday, April 1, at 6:30pm for a Q&A. More information and the zoom link can be found Here

Space is limited. Program starts immediately upon enrollment.

Who is MBX?
MBX was founded in 2003. That makes MBX a teenager! And, every teenager needs a strong guiding force.
The guiding force behind MBX is the MBX Governance Board, our Executive Director and Staff:

Susy Werre () – Chair of the Board
Pennie Stepczyk ()  – President MBX Advisory Board (members are SCO/Booster Presidents)
Paul Hoffman – Chief Financial Officer
Andrea Ramey – Secretary/NEXT
Patti Ackerman – Summer School; After School Enrichment
Bonnie Darrow – Facilities; Grants; Summer School
Katie Driscoll – Summer School
Bill Fournell – NEXT; Facilities
Ed McKeegan – Facilities; Grants
Stephanie Mibu – Operations; After School Enrichment

Jennifer Williams () – Executive Director
Kathy Duffy ()  – Administrator and Accounting
Leslie Whittet () – Finance and Marketing
Dana Lindley () – MBX NEXT Program Coordinator
Ken Brenan () – Director of Technology

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