Exciting Track and Field Updates!

Mira Costa Track and Field has started the season with some strong performances and a new school record!!!  Sophomore Cormac Carew ran 1:58.53 for the new Sophomore School Record!  Amari Fraser has also been a stand out in the 100M and 300M Hurdles with several 1stPlaces.  The Pole Vault Team is enjoying some early successes as well.  Take a look at the results from our first 4 meets!

Mustang Relays  3/16/19 Home Meet

The Mustangs earned 90 Personal Records and took home 19 Medals.

Outstanding Performances

3rd Place, Mann, Alex              1:04.23  Event 4 Girls 400 Meter Dash Frosh Soph

2nd Place, Frasier, Amari         15.23    Event 10 Girls 100 Meter Hurdles Varsity

3rd Place                 Mira Costa               12:46.36                 Event 17 Girls Distance Medley Varsity

3rd Place                 Mira Costa               10:40.43                Event 18 Boys Distance Medley Varsity

2nd Place                Mira Costa         53.41                      Event 20 Girls 4×100 Meter Relay Frosh Soph

3rd Place                 Mira Costa         8:54.22                  Event 23 Boys 4×800 Meter Relay Frosh Soph

3rd Place                 Mira Costa            10:21.29                Event 25 Girls 4×800 Meter Relay Varsity

1st Place                 Frasier, Amari      45.82                      Event 28 Girls 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity

3rd Place                 Cervantes, Natalia   47.08                      Event 28 Girls 300 Meter Hurdles Varsity

2nd Place                Mira Costa          1:56.63                 Event 32 Girls 4×200 Meter Relay Frosh Soph

3rd Place                 Mira Costa           1:33.68                 Event 34 Boys 4×200 Meter Relay Varsity

2nd Place                Mira Costa         4:22.80                 Event 38 Girls 4×400 Meter Relay Frosh Soph

1st Place                 Mira Costa             4:02.57                  Event 39 Girls 4×400 Meter Relay Varsity

3rd Place                 Toyooka, Alyssa        29-07.50                Event 42 Girls Shot Put Varsity

3rd Place                 Savie, Julie          4-06.00                  Event 57 Girls High Jump Frosh Soph

3rd Place                 Kelly, Brooke      4-06.00                  Event 57 Girls High Jump Frosh Soph

1at Place                Knowllenberg, Aidan         11-06.00                Event 63 Boys Pole Vault Frosh Soph

3rd Place                 Gin, Brady             11-00.00                Event 63 Boys Pole Vault Frosh Soph

2nd Place                Sandberg, Andrew               13-06.00                Event 64 Boys Pole Vault Varsity

 Nike Invitational
The Nike Redondo Invitational is always fun for our athletes. We always come away with outstanding performances and this year was no different. Over 60 Individual Personal Records from the Mustangs during the 2 day event.

Standout Performances

9th Dalia Frias – finishing 8th in the 1600m with a time of 5:11.71 season record

10th Cormac Carew – finishing 9th out of 166 runners with a PR time of 4:26.24

12th Andrew Sandberg and 12th Rory Schelly – Finishing 9th with a season record of 13’6” in Pole Vault

12th Brigette Grau – 4th place finish and season record of 11’6” in Pole Vault

Varsity Girls 4×400 Relay 5th Place finish with a season record of 4:07.78

10th Clara Oscarson 12th Amari Fraser 12th Natalia Cervantes 11th Sara Mooney

Varsity Girls DMR – finishing 2nd with a time of 12:40.07

12th Amari Fraser – 4th place finish in the 100 Hurdles 15.27

12th Natalia Cervantes – 9th place finish in the 300 Hurdles. 48.86IONAL

Mira Costa v West Torrance v Santa Monica


15 Boys P.R.’s  (Personal Records)

1 New Sophomore School Record

Varsity Boys 800m Sweep

10 Cormac Carew             1:58.53                 New Sophomore School Record

12 Cole Gamble                1:59.87

12 JP Soares                       2:00.78

Varsity Boys 300Hurdles

12 Jules Barrieu                43.70                     1st Place and PR

Varsity Boys Shot Put

11 Jacob Elson                   38’00”                   1st Place PR

11 Luke Arruda                  36’11”                   2nd Place PR

Varsity Boys Triple Jump

11 Brent Boone                 40’10”                   1st Place

12 Bobby Craig                  40’01”                   2nd Place

Mira Costa v West Torrance v Santa Monica


23 Girls P.R.’s  (Personal Records)

Varsity Girls 100m

11 Sara Mooney               12.90                     1st Place

12 Brigette Grau               13.24                     3rd Place

Varsity Girls 400m

10 Clara Oscarson            63.02                     1st Place

10 Alex Mann                     64.71                     3rd Place

Varsity Girls 800m Sweep

9 Dalia Frias                        2:26.83                 1st Place

12 Lucy Atkinson              2:28.48                 2nd Place

11 Cara Chittenden         2:30.86                 3rd Place

Varsity Girls 1600m

9 Dalia Frias                        5:15.34                 1st Place

12 Brooke Inouye             5:18.58                 3rd Place

Varsity Girls 100 Hurdles

12 Amari Fraser                15.60                     1st Place

12 Natalia Cervantes      17.80                     3rd Place

Varsity Girls 300 Hurdles

12 Natalia Cervantes      50.11                     1st Place

11 Erin Beam                      60.02                     3rd Place

Varsity Girls 4×100 Relay 50.53 1st Place

Brigette Grau

Sara Mooney

Kali Mashayekhi

Amari Fraser

Varsity Girls 4×400 Relay 4:10.18 1st Place

Amari Fraser

Clara Oscarson

Natalia Cervantes

Sara Mooney

Varsity Girls Shot Put

12 Alyssa Toyooka           25’11”                   1st Place

Varsity Girls Pole Vault

12 Brigette Grau               11’0”                     1st Place

Varsity Girls Long Jump

12 Sadie Beaumont         14’10”                   1st Place

Frosh Soph Boys 400m

10 Zachary Hoover           55.37                     1st Place

Frosh Soph Boys 1600m

10 Will Beck                        4:52.29                 1st Place

Frosh Soph Boys 4×400 3:49.30 1st Place

10 Aiden Berlinger

10 William Gooch

10 Jacob Cubillos

10 Zachary Hoover

Frosh Soph Boys Pole Vault

10 Aidan Knollenberg     12’0”                     1st Place

9 Jason Sandberg             9’6”                        2nd Place PR

Frosh Soph Girls 1600m

9 Kayla Kershaw               5:52.77                 2nd Place

Frosh Soph Girls 300 Hurdles

10 Isabella Pignatello      55.78                     1st Place

9 Julie Savie                        57.58                     2nd Place

Frosh Soph Girls 4×400 4:40.29 1st Place

10 Makenna Lambert

10 Isabella Pignatello

9 Candace Harding

9 Grace Partin

Frosh Soph Girls High Jump

9 Julie Savie                        4’6”                        2nd Place

Frosh Soph Girls Pole Vault

10 Mckinley Loh               7’0”                        2nd Place

9 Candace Harding           6’0”                        3rd Place

Frosh Soph Girls Long Jump

10 Brooke Kelly                 14’4.50”               2nd Place

9 Natalie Lynch                 14’3”                     3rd Place

Mira Costa vs West Torrance vs South Torrance

At West Torrance on 2/16/2019

Stand Out Performances


Frosh Soph Boys

10 Zachary Hoover           1st           400m                     P.R. 54.68

10 Jonathan Gill                2nd          100m                     11.90                     2nd          200m     23.95

9 Jack Marlett                    1st           Long Jump           17’1”

10 Aiden Knowllenberg  1st           Pole Vault            12’6” P.R.

10 Aiden Berlinger           3rd           100m                     12.00                     3rd           200m     24.56

Frosh Soph Girls

10 Alex Mann                     1st           400m                     P.R. 63.87            1st           200m     27.99

10 Maddie Bream                            Discus                   52’10” PR by 3ft

9 Grace Partin                    1st           100m                     14.12

9 Julie Savie                        1st           300H                     54.75

Varsity Girls

12 Amari Frasier               1st           100H                     15.80                     1st           300H     48.69

11 Sara Mooney               1st           100m                     12.90                     1st           200m     26.52

12 Brigette Grau               1st           Pole Vault            11’0”                     2nd          100m     13.23

Varsity Boys

12 Bobby Craig                  1st           Long Jump           PR 22’5”               1st           Triple Jump 42’8”

11 Brent Boone                 2nd          Long Jump           PR 20’0”               2nd          Triple Jump 41’3.50”

12 Rory Schelly                  1st           Pole Vault            12’6”

11 Luke Arruda                  2nd          Shot Put               31’7”                     2nd          Discus   80’2.50”

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