Costa Track and Field appreciate safe practices!

Aidan Knollenberg (12) Pole Vaulter
Having practice start up again really is a great break from staying at home.  It restores my hope for the future.

 Clara Oscarson (12) Sprinter
It feels great to be back.  Everyone is listening and working out according to the restrictions.  It all works great and hopefully we can continue to move forward.

 Isabella Pignatello (12) Hurdler
Returning to in person workouts was definitely an adjustment in the beginning but it’s been really nice to get back to a steady routine.  Also as a senior I’m really grateful we’ve been able to return to the track part time. 

Zach Hoover (12) Sprinter
Coming back to track this year was good. I was a bit skeptical of how it would work with covid, but it’s been great. It’s also nice because even though I can’t run with my teammates, they are still present, allowing me to somewhat get the same experience as a non-covid environment.

Tom Young (12) Hurdler
It feels great to get back in the groove of things especially after being away from the track for so long. Hopefully we can have somewhat of a season.

Jonathan Gill (12) Sprinter
Being back in track is nice because I can stay in shape while there is no school. It also allows me to prepare for track season with my team instead of on my own

Maddy Bream (12) Thrower
It’s definitely different being back at live practices but it’s great to be around some of my teammates and coaches. We for sure do not get the same feel of being a part of our track team which is usually well over 230 athletes, but nonetheless it’s great to be back on the track!

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