Model United Nations

Mira Costa Model United Nations in one of the top programs in the world. For the past 20+ years, Mira Costa has traveled, competed, and won internationally in simulations of the United Nations such as NHSMUN in New York, NAIMUN in Washington DC, and PAMUN in Paris. We also host our own conference at Mira Costa, LAIMUN, in which students become experts on a topic and chair committees where other schools debate.

But what is the MUN? MUN aims to be an authentic simulation of the United Nations – complete with Security Council, General Assembly, an ECOSOC committee as well as a wide range of other sub-committees, a Secretariat headed by the Secretary General, a Press Corp and of course the delegates.

During a conference, there are committees dealing with issues such as health, politics, disarmament and the environment. Delegates representing the same state together form a ‘delegation’. The ultimate objective of every delegate is to produce, lobby support for, debate and ultimately pass a resolution on one of the topic areas within their committee. A resolution is the proposed solution to a problem and forms the main focus of the debate. Students who are a part of Mira Costa Model UN graduate with skills in public speaking, debate, research, and writing. Most importantly, students gain an understanding of the world as it is today.

Costa MUN April updates!

Mira Costa MUN students have just returned from three of the last four travel conferences of the year.  A select group of students were chosen to compete in Baltimore at the Johns Hopkins University Model United Nations Conference (JHUMUNC) on February 7th to 10th. Shortly after, a group of Costa…
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Highlights from Costa Model United Nations team!

The Mira Costa Model United Nations team is at the peak of their season. Coming back from winter break, a select thirty delegates began to prepare for the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference (IMUNC) hosted at the University of Pennsylvania.  At this highly competitive conference, Costa delegates adapted to…
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MUN Updates!

After months of hard work and preparation, the Mira Costa Model United Nations team successfully hosted the twenty fourth annual Los Angeles Invitational Model United Nations (LAIMUN) conference at Mira Costa, on December 1st-2nd. In preparation, MUN students wrote insightful topic synopses and current event updates regarding their topics, and…
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