The MUN conference season is in full swing, and Mira Costa is showing why we are the best program in Southern California!

Our exceptional lead teachers and students worked hard for weeks to prepare for meetings in McGill University in Montreal, Brown University in Rhode Island, and UCLA.

Our Mira Costa program was recognized with many awards, including “the best large delegation” at BUSUN, SSUNS, and BruinMUN. We congratulated the individual students who won:

BUSUN: 4 gavels and 5 outstanding delegates

SSUNS: 9 gavels, 5 outstanding delegates, and 2 honorable mentions

BruinMUN: 5 gavels, 8 outstanding delegates, 8 honorable mentions, and 6 commendations.

On December 2nd and 3rd, we look forward to hosting hundreds of our local peers in our very own LAIMUN, a cherished tradition at Mira Costa.

Lastly, a big thanks to everyone who got Poinsettias from a MUN student!

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