MCXC 2023 Season Wrap Up

BOYS TEAM – CIF State: The boys saved the best for last this season at the CIF State Championships in Fresno. The Mustangs were led by Owen Franck, who placed 3rd in a close duel, Parker Stickney placed 24th with a time of 15:27, Isaac Faynsod ran 15:51 to place 60th in the field, sophomore Carson Ehman was the 18th fastest sophomore across all five divisions, Max Ramos-Judge matched his personal best, and Casey Atkinson came in as MCXC’s sixth man whose tie-breaker finish was critical the team’s 5th place.

GIRLS TEAM – CIF Finals: Despite a rough start and fierce competition, the girl’s team managed to work their way up throughout the race. Alana Clarke showcased her determination running 17:38, senior Eloise West ran her personal best of 18:04, freshman Sadie Wilson demonstrated her grit, sophomore Coral Coye ran her personal best, and senior Claire Crawmer rounded out the top 5 for the Mustangs. Additionally, senior Sophia Parsley stepped in and raced as an alternate proving the importance of dedicated and prepared alternates.

MCXC BANQUET – To mark the end of our season, the coaches talked about each and every Cross Country athlete’s contribution to the team. Parents and athletes enjoyed dinner and celebrated a memorable evening!

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