Badminton hosts successful April tournament!

The MCHS Badminton team hosted a tournament on Saturday, April 13th, at the Manhattan Beach Badminton Club. Varsity teams of five local high schools participated in the tournament including Arcadia High, Cerritos High and Long Beach Poly. MCHS varsity team competed well in the tournament and claimed two titles. Both boy’s double and single finals attracted everyone’s attention with their breathtaking intensity and dazing badminton skills.

Below are the results:

Eric Mei (Junior), 1st place in boy’s single

Moose Cohn and Tiger Hao, 1st place in boy’s double

Vivian Liu, 2nd place in girl’s single

Alisa Chen, 3rd place in girl’s single

Andrew and Samuel Liu, 3rd place in boy’s double

Sophia Zhang and Julia Foster, semi-finalist in girl’s double

Tiger Hao/Vivian Liu and Eric Mei/Alisa Chen are both in semi-finalists in mixed-double

Congratulations to all the players! The entire JV team and many badminton booster parents came to volunteer and support the Varsity team during the tournament. Thank you to everyone for assuring a successful tournament!

April is the busiest month for badminton teams. Both Varsity and JV teams will be competing with other high schools and/or participating in local tournaments each week. Both Varsity and JV teams look forward to more exciting competitions ahead!

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