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The last day to sign up for a Cyber High course will be Tuesday, July 16 and must be completed by Thursday, July 25 at 3:00 pm.

**Students may enroll in both a Cyber High remediation course and an academic summer school course concurrently.

**Students may not take more than one Cyber High remediation course at a time. However, upon completion of the first course, they may enroll in an additional course.

Course Orientation: To begin a Cyber High course, students must visit the summer school office, room 242, any day the week of June 17 or July 8 (Monday – Friday), 12–3pm. Students will meet with the Cyber High supervising teacher for instructions and access to coursework.

Course Hours: All course work is completed independently, online, with the exception of exams. Students must email the supervising teacher to make an appointment to come to campus for unit exams during Cyber High Office Hours:  12-3pm, June 17 – July 2 (Monday – Friday); July 8-25 (Monday – Thursday). Students are strongly encouraged to check-in with the teacher weekly while taking a Cyber High course.

Each Cyber High course is estimated to take approximately 3 weeks to complete. However, there is no set timeline in the online program and therefore, completion time varies greatly from student to student and is dependent upon how quickly the student works. The faster the student works, the faster they will complete the course.

Tutors: Cyber High curriculum is entirely online and students are expected to work through the curriculum independently. For students who need extra help, MBX will have certificated tutors available during the day for students to meet with independently.


Cyber High Information

  1. Only Mira Costa students can take Cyber High.
  2. Cyber High Coordinator/Teacher: Michael McAvin, [email protected], 310-626-2839
  3. Cyber High Dates and Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, June 17 – July 2 and Monday-Friday July 8-July 17 – 12:00 -3:00 pm
  4. Cyber High Web Site:

Class Description

  1. All Cyber High classes have 5 units.
  2. All units have a Final Exam.
  3. Final grades are based on the average of the 5 Final Exams.
  4. Students need to have an appointment with the coordinator/teacher to take a test. Please email to make an appointment.
  5. Final Exams can only be taken when all activities, projects, and quizzes have been completed with a minimum score of 60%.
  6. If a student fails two Final Exams, the class will be closed to the student and cannot be re-taken in Cyber High.
  7. All Final Exams can be taken a second time if the student gets less than 60% the first time.
  8. Students who complete the Extra Credit activity offered in each unit will get a 4 percentage point boost on the unit Final Exam.
  9. Work can be completed on any device that has internet access.
  10. Final Exams must be taken at Mira Costa with a test proctor.
  11. Students may use their own device or a Chrome Book provided by Cyber High.

Tips for Success

  1. Read your class’ syllabus and other informational links prior to beginning the class.
  2. Finish at least 25 percent of your unit each day Mon-Thursday.
  3. Finish 1 unit every week.
  4. Communicate with Mr. McAvin about any problems.
  5. Don’t be tempted to cut and paste/plagiarize work or commit other similar infractions.
  6. When you experience technological issues, let Mr. McAvin know. They do occur and it’s in your best interest to seek out help.

Guidelines for Written Assignments

  1. Don’t cut and paste/plagiarize.
  2. Always address all aspects activity and/or prompt
  3. If an activity/project has more than one question or bullet, answer each separately. Don’t write one huge paragraph.
  4. Short answer responses: 3-5 sentences per question or bullet point
  5. Reading Summaries: 8-10 sentences per assigned reading sections
  6. Paragraphs: 8-10 sentences per paragraph
  7. Full Essays: Five paragraphs w/2 pieces of textual evidence per body paragraph.
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