Costa Students Celebrate at COSTACHELLA!

On April 11th, Costa students enjoyed their own homegrown music festival! Sponsored by MBX Foundation and Subaru Pacific, the event featured two student bands, Good Vibes and Business Casual along with DJ entertainment by Cole Ficklin. The event was organized and executed by students from MCHS Link Crew, Mira Costa Mustang Club, and MCHS ASB with support from the Mira Costa Social and Emotional Wellness Committee (SEW). In addition to our talented musicians, students wrote their thoughts, hopes and dreams on the Costa Dream Wall, entered to win raffle prizes, snacked on donut holes, and adorned themselves with green and gold beads, smiley face stickers and flower crowns on a perfectly, sunny California spring day! A special thank you to teachers Kelly Cunningham and Maddie Hutchinson as well as MBX Board members, Ed McKeegan and Bonnie Darrow and Denise Loversky for their help and guidance for this very successful and uplifting event!

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