Congrats to Track and Field Seniors!

We wish the Track and Field Seniors all the best as they graduate from Costa. It has been an honor and pleasure to watch them grow into young adults and we can’t wait to see what you will do next!

Zachary Hoover*  (Sprints), Jonathan Gill*  (Sprints), Tom Young*  (Sprints), Clara Oscarson*  (Sprints), Katherine Halkias*  (Sprints), Sulaiman Hussain*  (Jumps), Trent Barks (Jumps), Aidan Knollenberg*  (Pole Vault), Madeleine Bream*  (Throws), Sean Laufenberg*  (Hurdles), Cormac Carew*  (Distance), Colin Beale*  (Distance), Ethan Silagan*  (Distance), Blake Hampton*  (Distance), Jonathan Graves (Distance), Jasmine Peterman*  (Distance), Cassidy George* (Distance), Lauren Chiu (Distance), Laine Weston* (Distance), Julia Vazquez* (Distance), Zoe Kalamaros (Distance), Clare Beezehold* (Distance)

* indicates 4 years on Track and Field

Also, best of luck to all our Track and Field athletes who are competing in the Bay League Championships and beyond.

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