GRAD Nite 2024

Mira Costa High School’s GRAD Nite is an “all-night” party, where our graduating class can enjoy one last evening of fun and food with friends in a safe, substance-free environment. Grad Nite festivities will start with check-in at 8:45pm in the auditorium – after the graduation ceremony and the Strand Stroll – on Thursday, June 13, 2024. Attendees will be bused to a secret, private venue to enjoy a truly unique evening of entertainment.

View the Grad Nite 2024 flyer.

Ticket Pricing (sales close on May 15, 2024):
$235 – includes bus transportation for Strand Stroll and Grad Nite party, all entertainment, food & beverages and a senior yard sign*. Phones, purses of any size, backpacks and bags will not be allowed. Leave these items at home or in your car. Medication and other essential items must be approved through administration by June 10th.

$15 – senior yard sign only*

*Grad night lawn sign pickup is May 1st in senior parking lot from 12:30-3:00pm.

Visit the Mira Costa Website, GRAD Nite information pages.

What is GRAD Nite?
Mira Costa High School’s GRAD Nite is an “all-night” party thrown each June exclusively for the graduating class. Attendees are bused to a secret, private venue, where we will have unique entertainment, music, photo booth and a variety of foods. The party is substance-free and provides a safe environment for the current graduating class to celebrate together one last time.

The event starts at 8:45pm, after the graduation ceremony and the Strand Stroll, at Costa for check-in, and students will return to Costa around 2:30am. Tickets are available for purchase for $235, which includes the event, processing fee, bus transportation and a senior yard sign. Scholarships are available. If you cannot afford a Grad Nite ticket, or you already know that you’re eligible for a scholarship, please obtain confirmation from your MCHS counselor. Yard signs can be purchased separately for $15.

Why go to Grad Nite, besides the awesome party?
To keep your Graduate safe on such a special day. Graduation night has the highest death toll of the year for teenagers, because alcohol-related traffic accidents remain the No. 1 killer of America’s teenagers, and the evening of graduation is the party night of all party nights. Car accidents cause more teenage deaths than any other factor, and the majority of these accidents happen between 6pm and 12am. The percentage of automobile fatalities that involve alcohol jumps from 33% to 40% on graduation night. Click HERE for a must-see video about these statistics.

When is GRAD Nite?
It starts at 8:45pm in the MCHS auditorium, after the graduation ceremony and the Strand Stroll, on Thursday, June 13, 2024. See Grad Nite Rules & Policies for details.

Who is invited to GRAD Nite?
Graduating students of the MCHS senior class are invited to attend this memorable party. The senior class gathers together for one last celebration to memorialize their high school careers.

Where is GRAD Nite?
The location is always kept secret to ensure the safety of the Graduates and eliminate the challenge of uninvited participants. The GRAD Nite Committee ensures that the venue exceeds expectations and provides the perfect party atmosphere.

How do I pay for GRAD Nite?
To register your graduating senior for GRAD Nite, you must pay online. All tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Also, all attendees must complete the registration forms on file with the GRAD Nite Committee through the payment process.

Will I receive a physical ticket?
No. Upon check-in at GRAD Nite, all registered attendees will receive a personalized badge with the photo on a lanyard. This badge is to be worn at all times during GRAD Nite.

Are there scholarships available?
Yes! One of the goals of GRAD Nite is to have all graduates in attendance! If you cannot afford a GRAD Nite ticket, or you already know that you’re eligible for a scholarship, please obtain confirmation from your MCHS counselor.

How long is GRAD Nite?
The evening begins with registration at 9pm at the Mira Costa auditorium. After all registered graduates have checked in, buses will depart for a secret location. The party begins immediately upon arrival of the first bus and lasts until 1:30am. Graduates return to MCHS around 2:30am.

What is there to do at the GRAD Nite party?
There are so many ways for the Graduates to celebrate together. In addition to the activities, graduates are offered fabulous food until the party ends. Water and other soft drinks are provided all night. We are excited to host Grad Nite 2024 in a unique venue with a huge variety of entertainment options, a DJ and dance area, photo opps and more.

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