Costa Choirs visits the Manhattan Beach Elementary Schools!

On Thursday, February , Vocal Ensemble and the two a cappella groups, Coterie and Muscle, did a tour of all five elementary schools in Manhattan Beach, performing a 30-minute program at each, followed by a Q & A with the students.  The performances were exceptional with each of the school audiences spellbound by the choirs’ sound and artistry.  Many times during the performances you could have heard a pin drop, the students were so quiet and attentive!
The Q & A sessions were very informative with insightful questions coming from the elementary students. Special moments included elementary students saying they want to sing in high school and the students expressing their sincere gratitude to the singers for coming.
Special thanks to all five elementary principals:  Nancy Doyle (Grandview), Karina Gerger (Pennekamp), Michelle Krzmarzick (Meadows), Jackie O’Sullivan (Robinson) and Rhonda Steinberg (Pacific) for hosting. It was a terrific day!
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