Choir takes pride in assisting with MB Hometown 10K Run

The Mira Costa Choirs’ annual participation in the Manhattan Beach 10K Run is one of the highlights of the year.  All four choirs participate to help the race run smoothly.  The department provides over 90 adult volunteers to be present at intersections so the race runs efficiently.   On October 7th, the day begins with the Vocal Ensemble singing a rousing National Anthem at the start of the race to inspire the runners to run their best . It can be heard for blocks in all directions!  Singers from the three other choirs work at the 2-mile water stop and finish line providing a much-needed cup of water to all runners. Singers also are responsible for the race clean-up of the water stop, finish line, and general street clean-up. This is such a wonderful opportunity for the Mira Costa Choirs to work closely with the Manhattan Beach 10K Run Race Committee.  It gives our students the opportunity to be part of one of the best 10K Runs in the country.  Many thanks to the 10K Run Committee! The Choir loves being part of this great event!

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