Boys Basketball hosts successful fundraiser!

A big thank you to Ron Goodlin who coordinated a very successful Poker Night for the Mira Costa Boys Basketball program.  He and Jim Robinson raised over $10,000!  Ron, who works at Bank Of America and who has been a loan officer in the South Bay for 25 years, often takes time out of his busy schedule to support community programs!  We are grateful to you Ron for all you do for the community and Costa Boys Basketball!  Cheers to Ron @ .

Here are the winners of Ron Goodlin/Jim Robinson 6th Annual Poker Night. Thank you to all of the poker tournament players! Costa Basketball appreciates your support!

1st place: Danny Zuker
2nd place: Devin Daly
3rd place: Ben Friedberg
4th Place:  Josh Taub
5th Place:  Ed Reimanis
6th Place:  Josh Jahnke

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