Varsity, JV and Frosh Baseball Teams all win Bay League Title!

The Mira Costa Baseball Program put together a successful campaign across all three levels in 2021. With all three teams winning the Bay League title – the fourth in a row at the Varsity level – there was much to be proud of this season!

The Varsity team secured a CIFSS playoff berth. And after winning the first game in exciting comeback fashion, the team ultimately lost their second game to the #2 seed, Orange Lutheran, in the round of 16.

The Mira Costa Baseball Program would like to thank the local community for its continued support throughout this season. We would also like to thank Dr. Dale, Ms. Hall, and Mr. Marx for their dedicated effort in helping our athletes get back on the field to compete this season. A special thank you as well to our wonderful players and families for making this season so memorable.

–Coach Keith Ramsey

Varsity  18-9 Overall

Coaches: Keith Ramsey, Warren Trott, John Colin, Isaac Friesen, Chris Costley

Players: Connor Meidroth, Robert Love, Aidan Aguilar, Teagen Disharoon, David Chase, Andrew Hiestand, Nick Bacura, Ian King, Brian Dennis, Tyler Fichman, Alex Rohm, Max Anderson, Ben Gneiser, Addison Lee, Jonah Storey, John Lloyd, Charlie Webb, Shane Foley, Thatcher Hurd, Dylan Knowles, Nico Stanley, Zack Zawacki, Christian Castillo, Caden Garvey, Jake Wall, Carter Phillips, Dillon De Spain, Wyatt Dyer, Austin Lim, Ben O’brien, Ryan Matsukawa, Max Jonas, Cole Trudgen, Charlie Michael, and Dillon Kelly.

JV  7-0 in Bay League (Undefeated Champions)

19-3 Overall

Coaches: Andre Van Gerwen, Spencer Kreisberg, Dave Williams.

Players: Joe Brewer, Brent Ahrens, Tanner Meugniot, Maximo Martinez, Charlie Myrose, Ryan Bui, Garrett Davis, Duke Gentzler, Taylor Bennett, Ty Culligan, Nameth Hogan, Jake De Spain, Luke Schauwecker, Evan Herr, Andrew Martens, Colin Wyse, Jesse Alvarado, Kyle Herbert, Ryan Hoffer, Aj Chaikovsky, Jack Nammack, Jack Clarke, Curran Hedges, Chase Morse, Daniel Suarez, Jackson Zawacki, Truman Polich, Garrett Baliton, Cole Crotty, Jude Harris, Luke Stamp and Brayden Stoddard.

FROSH  8-1 in Bay League (Champions)

22-4 Overall

Coaches: Frank Wicks, Brad Angerleri, John Giovati and Bill Fournell.

Players: Nicholai Arnold, Lucas Bzura, Parker Conley, Keith Daniels, Jake Dunn, Chase Espy, Arin Fabrizio, Owen Flynn, Dane Garmoe, Grant Gilmer, Jake Hultz, Matthew Krause, Austin Lee, Caden Lewis, Jett Lim, Jack Luken, Evan Lynett, Devan Malik, Alito McBean, Ewan McPhee, Charlie O’Connor, Sean Patton, Cam Protiva, Ethan Quigley, Michael Schwake, Jack Singer, AJ Storey and Sammy Sugden.


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