Marching band and Colorguard prepare for football season!

Even before school started, the Costa Marching band and Colorguard members were hard at work at a two-week Band Camp. They learned the basics of marching and started learning the music for this season’s Field Show, “Outside the Bachs”. They were very excited to welcome so many new faces and families to our Marching Family. The culmination of Band Camp was Sneak preview Night on August 19th. Families and students enjoyed dinner and then a small sample of what students had been working on. It was the first time students actually wore their uniforms this season and they look forward to wearing them again for our first Home Game on Sept. 22nd. In addition to weekly practices students have also attended several rehearse-a-thons on the weekends, and they even had a visit from the banana car. It takes a lot of time and effort to learn the show, which involves music, choreographed moves and the addition of props.

Come by the football field most Tuesday nights and see them in action!


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