Grad Nite is back and not what you are expecting! Come join us for our reimagined celebration
and enjoy one last evening of fun and food with your graduating class in a safe, substance-free
environment. Attendees will be bused to a secret, private venue to enjoy a truly unique
evening of entertainment. Click HERE to buy your Grad Nite package today (event ticket,
transportation to the strand stroll and Grad Nite and a senior yard sign) and click HERE to learn
more about the event and why you should attend. Grad Nite begins checking in at Mira Costa
on Thursday June 15 th at 9pm, after the Strand Stroll, and students will return to school via bus
by approximately 2:30am. Please click HERE to buy a senior yard sign only if you do not intend
to attend Grad Nite. If you are interested in volunteering for this event, please contact Pip
Coyne at: , Lara Protiva at: or Rachel Disser
at: . Senior parents are welcome to volunteer … as long as your senior

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