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MBX NEXT is a program for students enrolling in El Camino College. Students will join a cohort with other El Camino College bound students for community driven academic and social emotional learning support, including career exploration and executive functioning skill development. Students are assisted in completing initial and ongoing registration tasks, provided direction to connect to El Camino offered support programs, and are assigned adult mentors and El Camino student “Ambassadors”. Students are given guidance and assistance to successfully complete a two-year transition to a 4-year college or university or other career education path.

Have Questions? Please reach out directly to Jennifer Williams () to arrange for a personal meeting.

Who can enroll in MBX NEXT?

MBX NEXT is for any South Bay student attending El Camino College. If you are a first time El Camino College student just graduated from high school, have taken a gap year, or you are relaunching your college journey, MBX NEXT is for you.

We’ll make sure you have a successful experience as you take the NEXT step in your educational path!

What is the MBX NEXT program?

Once you enroll in MBX NEXT, our coordinator will contact you to determine if you have completed all of the necessary steps to be eligible to enroll for classes as soon as they are available. Priority enrollment for summer classes is April 30! If you qualify, we’ll also make sure you have completed all the steps for the South Bay Promise Program (this is the program that grants you free tuition for 2 years!). And, finally, we’ll make sure you haven’t missed any other applications that could enhance your El Camino experience.

Next, you will complete a survey, telling us a little about yourself. This helps us understand your own ideas for college and what makes you tick! It also helps us tailor our workshops to benefit you and your classmates!

What’s NEXT? Is there a class too?

Yes! Class starts the week of June 28 and runs for 5 weeks (through July 29). You’ll meet with your classmates for 2 hours a day, 2 days a week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday), in the morning – not too early, 9am! We may also offer an afternoon session if there is enough demand.

Where? IN PERSON, at Kinecta training offices in El Segundo (thank you, Kinecta)!

Did you say, NO more homework? Good, because THERE IS NO HOMEWORK! This class is fun! You’ll meet other students, just like you, headed to El Camino College. The class is in a workshop format. You’ll learn “Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success.” This means, you’ll learn how to stay organized and motivated to achieve your goals. And, how to balance a job and your studies. Important stuff! This isn’t high school anymore. Now the only one keeping you moving forward is you, but you won’t have to do it alone. You have your classmates and you’ll have the support of your mentors at MBX.


MBX will connect you to Ambassadors – Students already attending El Camino College. They will show you the ropes!

MBX will also provide you with mentors to help you stay on track! Our MBX mentors will help you learn about careers AND manage your time. And, if things start to really go side-ways, we’ll help connect you to tutors either at El Camino or other outside private tutors.

That sounds like a lot? In just 5 weeks?

Right. It is a lot! If you like MBX NEXT, you can sign up for our fall program too! MBX NEXT is designed to be an ongoing program. Sign up every semester, and we’ll make sure you stay on top of your goals. If your plan is to transition to a four-year university after two years, we’ll make sure that happens. We’ll make sure you sign up in time to get your classes and we’ll help you figure out how to transfer. We’ll host workshops where you will learn about different career paths. We’ll provide time for you to meet with your classmates in study group. And, most importantly, you’ll connect with other El Camino students just like you.

How do I sign up?

Tuition is $600 for the summer!

Click the link below to sign up.

Register for MBX NEXT

Once we hear from you, we’ll reach out and you’ll be on your way to your NEXT step to college!

More Questions? Email Jennifer Williams ()

Refer a friend and we’ll send you $100 for every referral who completes the program. Just email Jennifer Williams, with a copy to the friend you are referring. If that friend signs up and completes the program, we’ll send you $100 in August, just in time for school. If we get a referral for the same person from two people, the rebate will go to the first email received.

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