Wrestling Updates!

On Tuesday, December 5th, the F/S Team wrestled at San Pedro High School. The team’s performance was amazing! All but two of the team were first year wrestlers and they finished in first place!

Mira Costa 45 – San Pedro 21
Mira Costa 36 – Banning 9
Mira Costa 33 – South Torrance 21

Congratulations to the following individuals:

Nathan Smith – 1st Place
Alex Virtue – 1st Place
Hunter Jeppson – 1st Place
Ryan Lee – 1st Place
Luc Ehlinger – 1st Pla

On Saturday, December 8th, the Varsity Boys wrestled at Irvine High School. There were 20 teams present at the tournament. The team did really well, finishing in 4th Place.

Congratulations to the following wrestlers:

Tyler Gordon (Sr) – 152 lbs – 1st Place (Outstanding Upper Weight Wrestler of the Tournament – Most Falls in the Fastest Time)
Greg Sevaston (Jr) – 145 lbs – 1st Place
Taro Iyadomi (Jr) – 145 lbs – 2nd Place
James Hennessey (So) – 195 lbs – 3rd Place
Andrew Chaney (So) – 138 lbs – 5th Place

The F/S Team wrestled at Santa Monica High School on Saturday December 8th. They also did really well finishing in 3rd Place as a team.

Congratulations to the following wrestlers:

Diego De Carlo – 1st Place
Luc Ehlinger – 2nd Place
Eddie Barreto – 2nd Place
Ben Ross – 2nd Place
Hunter Jeppson – 3rd Place

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