Orchestra travels and performs in Spain!

Led by Mr. Park and Mr. Mc Cormick, over 90 talented Orchestra students, with teachers and parents as chaperones, went to Spain on a multi city 12 day field trip over the summer!  They had the wonderful opportunity of a lifetime to perform in some very prestigious music halls such as the Palau de Musica in Valencia and Palau de la Musica Catalan in Barcelona, as well as some stunning and charming outdoor locales. The trip was successful not only in terms of outstanding performances delivered by the students, but also all the beautiful sightseeing, creating wonderful memories, bonding between Orchestra families and the strengthening friendships – all this while battling the record high heat Spain experienced. It was a trip to remember… Below is the photo of the concert in Barcelona!

Orchestra is off to a great start and this year!  Mr. Park has a new orchestra called Sinfonietta, which is a smaller Strings only Orchestra. Philharmonic will now consist of wind and percussion instruments, much like the Symphony Orchestra. Everyone is excited to hear all four Orchestras this year and will continue to support them through  continued fundraising and some fun events planned for the year.
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