Orchestra February updates!

Rotary Solo Competition results:

Congratulations to all of the finalists for their excellent solo performances last Friday, February 1st. If you were able to attend this event, you will agree that each and every performance was truly extraordinary. Here are the results for the finals round:

9th/10th Grade Division Strings
1st Place) Daichi Horiguchi – violin
2nd Place) Andrew Liu – violin
3rd Place) Eric Ashkarian – double bass

9th/10th Grade Division Winds/ Percussion
1st Place) Lucas Meyer – alto sax
2nd Place) Dylan Davidoff – clarinet
3rd Place) Max Simpson – alto sax

11th/12th Grade Division Strings
1st Place) Rachel Clinton – violin
2nd Place) Ashley Spadaro – viola
3rd Place) Ethan Park – violin

11th/12th Grade Division Winds/ Percussion
1st Place) Ryan Koch – tuba
2nd Place) Adam Aronesty – alto sax
3rd Place) Bella Arnao – flute

All award winners will be recognized at the Rotary Awards Breakfast on Monday, March 18th, 7 am, location to be announced. The first place winners of each division will be performing their solos at this breakfast event.

Save the date “4” Eclectic Ensembles!
Mark your calendar for the 4th annual Eclectic Ensembles, which will take place Friday, March 22nd, in the MCHS Small Theater. The event will run from 6 pm to 9 pm, with the show beginning at 7 pm. The event includes the show, dessert and coffee/ drinks, and pizza will be sold by the slice beginning at 6 pm. Tickets will cost $20 for adults, and just $5 for students/children. We hope to see you there!
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