Join the 2018 Mira Costa Football Coaches Club “Step Up”

S​trength, ​T​eamwork, ​E​ndurance, ​P​erseverance, ​U​nceasing ​P​reparation: ​STEP​ ​UP​ are the key ingredients that make Costa Football special. Parental support, alumni, and community support and participation are indispensable to our continued success.

Each year the Coaches Club contributions have provided much needed financial support for the football program. From building a new room ( Room 105) for the coaches and players to view the games and critique them as well as improving the weight room.

This year, the coaches have requested new camera systems for the end zone and press box that will provide direct real-time feedback to coaches, does not require timely processing and editing, and can effectively use and link with HUDL. Our current equipment is 5 years old and is not compatible with current technologies and requires significant repair and maintenance. These new camera systems and HUDL sideline video capabilities will enable the players and the coaches to see what they need to correct during the games.

Coaches Club Members receive a season pass to all home games, including home playoff games. You also are invited to a Coaches Club breakfast to review the game film with the coaches and players. Most importantly, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the continued success and quality of the Mira Costa Football Program and have “Stepped Up” toward making it exceptional.

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