Booster Club 101

Welcome to the world of Mira Costa booster clubs, or as they are officially called, School Connected Organizations (SCOs). Participating in a booster club is one of the best ways that parents and community members can support a child’s extra-curricular activities. Booster clubs have been established at Mira Costa High School (MCHS) for all sports programs, band, choir, dance team and drama. Any extra-curricular program can have a booster club.

The following documents are available to help you understand the goals of an SCO, provide an overview of the roles it generally takes to run an SCO, information on the functions of these roles, as well as advice on fundraising, running a banquet, managing your SCO budget and much more.

The SCOs are all independently run organizations with MBX Foundation as an umbrella organization (501c3). MB/X Foundation that was formed in 2002 to provide financial support for physical education and athletic programs in the Manhattan Beach Unified School District. Since its inception, MB/X has broadened its scope to support all SCOs and administer after-school programs, Camp VIP and the Mira Costa Summer School Program. MB/X supports SCOs by maintaining all SCO funds and collecting donations for SCOs, securing insurance for SCOs and more.

SCOs cover all extra-curricular programs at MCHS including, but not limited to, sports, music programs and drama.  The language in the following documents largely refers to coaches/instructors or sports/programs. Any reference to one program, (ex. sports) in a general comment is meant for all SCOs and student participants.

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